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Murphys law


By RachelleRyan / 7 years ago / In: General ,



*Random Thought*
So I have decided that it’s most definitely “Murphys Law” whenever I try and commit to do something, something else comes up and screws everything up. So I am just going to keep my lips pressed *no not those* and not try and commit to something because if I do it certainly won’t happen.
I have been so busy this week between working my nine to five and also picking up extra work which included working three shifts back to back; 32 hours. Never in my life have I ever done that, and don’t think I ever will again, talk about utter exhaustion. So I have rested myself all weekend and now I am feeling nice and fresh again. YAY!
Well don’t think that after working that much I don’t have anything to show for it, I decided that because I was going to be busting my ass and bringing home the bacon I would treat myself to a day at the Salon. I was feeling a bit risky so I decided to test the theory of “Blondes have more fun” and decided to add a bunch of high lights to my hair. Needless to say I love it!!! Or else I would never post pictures I would have immediately ran to the store and dyed my hair back.

You must let me know what you think…. I hope that the theory that “Blondes have more fun” is true because thats what I am going for. I need more fun in my life……. Can’t be that person that works too hard and never plays….GAH! What am I saying we all know I love to play on cam <3 I can't deny that!
Speaking of playing on cam…..cum play with me tomorrow for my second ever Member Chat @ 10pm Eastern Standard. Should be a blast!

Ok well off to get some beauty sleep, ahh the dreaded Mondays.

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