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what happened to 2009?


By Sabrina / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Damn, it’s nearly gone! I haven’t written a blog in forever but I had other things going on like stressful school, work and meeting new people. If there’s any positive to my job, it’s actually meeting co-workers and making new friends. Cuz for a looooong time (from high school until last year), I spend waaaayyy too much time alone in the house in front of my computer or TV. As a result, I had what I think was stunted social development. It was hard to meet people and I was always worried about saying something inappropriate or offensive to them, or that they wouldn’t like me. Pffftttt…I don’t really care as much anymore b/c I find that it’s easier to be comfortable with other people when you’re actually seeing/meeting them on a regular basis.
I’ve met a few really cool people, a couple of which I went to dinner with last weekend. It’s good because I’ve been wanting to make new friends that actually want to go out and do things together. I have friends now but they’re either too busy or too lazy to do anything….or maybe they just dont wanna spend time with me HAHA idk. There’s also a breast cancer walk next month that the company is going to do and I’m definitely participating. I’ve never done a breast cancer walk before so I’ll be dedicating to a good cause & getting some exercise 🙂

I start a new class on October 19 and the current class I’m taking now is getting hard =/ It’s a second-level Spanish class and I barely opened the book last semester and got an A. This time, well, Spanish is kicking my ass.

I’m going to a rave on Halloween so I’m excited about that. I’ve been taking lotsa vitamin C so that I can build up my defenses cuz there are gonna be 70,000+ people at this event and I cannot afford to get sick.

Byeee, and enjoy your weekend 🙂

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  • Joseph Blough

    Hey Sabrina! Glad things are going so well! (Stressful classes aside.) It’s great to hear that you’re getting out and having fun.

    Best of luck with your classes, and I hope you have a Happy Halloween!