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By Hannah / 7 years ago / In: General ,



do you ever get sucked into ordering that crap?

my favorite thing about infomercials is the dramatization part. today i saw an infomercial for a brownie separator because apparently it’s damn near impossible and very stressful to cut brownies? they showed the woman sawing at the pan and her hair flopping everywhere. then they showed huge obscure shapes of the brownies because she had THAT hard of a time cutting them.

really? do people have this problem?

in other news, i swear i’m going to be around more. oh wait that’s not news i make that promise all the time lollllllllilulilulzlzlxlzlz

Like this:

  • JohnyB

    haha Nope, I hardly watch them. Wow what brownie separator i def need to have one i keed lol ? What will be next a candy paper remover? lol Like the one “Buy this really cool knife that can cut bread… and as a bonus u will get other 5 knifes for free”. Arleast here they are not that popular then some years ago. However i have seen TV shops that shows infomercials 12hrs a day or 24/7. It would be very annoying if that would be the only channel available haha.