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By Jenn / 7 years ago / In: General ,





Happy brunch time?

I’m gonna make some coffee.

The lady in the building next to mine a few doors down with the two white dogs… is sitting outside on the lawn out front of her building, again.  As usual.  Her dogs sit out there and bark for meatball to come out.  They love him… idk why but she says they only run to him when we go out- and they will run across the entire parking lot to get to him lol.  It’s kinda cute.

He tries to play with the fatter/bigger girl dog but that one doesn’t wanna play, she just runs to him all crazy like, and there’s a tiny boy one that weighs like 2 lbs and he’s a white dog also but some other kind, that one is the one that supposedly “never barks or gets excited” but when meatball comes outside it barks all crazy and runs and then tries to play with him, lol.
Meatball has met a lot of new dog friends here I guess.
While walking him I meet all the neighbors so they gossip to me about everything going on in the complex with everyone else.  Which is annoying, because they’re dramatic and retarded and I don’t care to know all that shit.  haha.
There’s a small chihuahua in the back most town house like section of apartments here, those have their own patios.  Anyway that dog’s name is PÉno short for JalapÉno…everytime we walk that way meat tries to go inside the patio fence and by their front door.  I have to yell at him and yank him away b/c he gets too excited and barks etc.
Also let’s see…ohhhh there’s this sooooooooooo cute little tiny pekingese with tannish fur that lives in the building across from me too, that one is never outside but I saw it once and meatball loved herrrr.  It was just like his mama well, breed wise lol…but smaller and light colored.  She was so cute I just wanted to smush her already smushed face lol.  omg.  so cuteeee.
Then you all heard about the pug with the homeless lady right?  That was just so sad.
There’s some dbags around here with crazy pit bulls etc. which I don’t like, mainly because everytime I’m walking meatball, if they’re out there…they start to bark and try to break free from their owner and they seem like they want to eat my dog.  They seem dangerous to have in an apartment.  One tried to break out of the car window when it’s owners were taking it somewhere apparently, and it saw meatball and began barking and trying to get out.  I was like oh hell no, I’m going inside… I don’t want to know what that dog wants.  Now, my sister had pit bulls, I know they can be nice…but after her bully breed boston terrier attacked my friend out of NOWHERE and just snapped, I don’t trust those fuckers anymore.  I feel bad for the nice ones that get treated like beasts but…the ones that sound vicious and barking at me and my dog and trying to pull towards us, I don’t trust them at all.
They could eat my poor meatball in like 2 seconds.  And he’s really buff and muscular for a small dog.  He weighs like 15lbs lol.  He’s got a lot of muscle in his little leglets and armlets…and his jaws are really strong too…he could totally hurt someone bad if he wanted to…plus his mouth is big like his mom’s since pekingese have those giant muppet mouths.  Well anyway he could defend himself pretty well but probably not against a pitbull with a skull and jaws of almost steel lol.
Alright, i’m hungry and stuff, gonna make something to eat.  ttyl.

Like this:

  • Maango

    leglets and armlets…

  • ragu

    Dogs don’t eat other dogs.

  • I’m scared that the Pit bull requirements a unique sort of operator…these pet dogs, no matter how ‘caring’ still have teeth, are nevertheless creatures without having moral concepts and if they DO bite, won’t allow go. As in all creatures…some have a tendency to be far more suseptable to instinctual habits and time and time once again, this breed tends to perform just that.