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By Jenn / 7 years ago / In: General ,



What’s up?

It’s chilly outside tonight!

I have my windows open and the breeze is blowing in the smell of campfire.  Weird, there aren’t any forrests nearby.  Hm.

I’m contemplating baking some cookies…they sound delicious right about now.  Especially since I’m in a shitty and depresso mood.  Hmmm.

Meatface is by my feet as usual.

The apartment hallways reek of cigarettes, thanks to the trailor ass neighbor bitch.

Yes I said apartment hallway.  I know we’re all used to me living in my own house with a fenced yard and a garage but, times are hard.  Wonderful economy and such, well throw school in with that as well I suppose.  Whateverrrr.

I’m a broke ass student struggling with life.  I remember when I was excited to start school, finally.

Now not so much lol.

Despite how well I’m doing and how awesome I am at it, can’t help noticing that my life quality has gone way down.  Stress level way up, bank account way way down by far lol.

Ehhh what can you do.  I hate being in school and paying to be there instead of getting paid for doing the work I will be doing once I graduate.  Let’s face it.  I’m already better at half the shit than normal stylists are.  I could easily pass the board exam right now if I took it.  My grades are that good.  It’s not even hard.  I don’t want to do 7 weeks of final test preparations.  I don’t need it!  I’ve already been there a motherfuckin year, and learned everything we need to know to take the actual test.

Now I just need the required hours, and I suppose I could be a little faster with full heads of highlights.  Other than that, it’s all good.  Always room for improvement and learning new techniques, but that’ll just come in time I guess.  I can’t claim to be perfect no matter how awesome I am lol.

Well anyway.  There’s my life for now.

My body hurtssss.  My lyme disease thing looks to be disappearing if I didn’t mention that already.  I think I did though.

I sort of want coffee, but it’s a tad late for that.

I just added like, five zip sets.  BUY THEM.  1 because it’d be super nice of you to do that and help me out, and 2 because I’m sure you’ll like them, if you like me.  lol.

Ok bye.

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  • Maango

    zip sets?

    what are those?

  • ragu

    sets of zip, duhhh