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Good god.


By Jenn / 7 years ago / In: General ,



I can not believe…that it’s already September.

wtf.  Where does the time go?

My lyme disease thing seems like it’s improving, and the skin irritation is almost gone now.  Good news for me, I can cam again soon.

I was trying to cam with it but, I think I scared people away.  Lots don’t read the forums and covering the giant thing with makeup really did no good so, people would just leave upon entering and seeing it.  lol.

Whatever, it’s almost gone now so…that’s nice.

It’s come to be very cold here these days.  Feels like autumn!

I’ve already dug out a few Halloween decorations.

I’ve missed quite a bit of school due to the whole lyme thing, let’s hope I’m not kicked out when I get back, due to missing too many hours in a short period of time.  ehhh.  The only thing that probably keeps me there and above my percentage is my grades and performance, because those are always way above average.  At the very least they’re a 94%, and of course 100% at the highest, usually like a 96% though, because that’s *1 thing done wrong, or answered wrong* on our grading scale.

Eh, whatever.  Bottom line is that I’d have failed out for attendance if I weren’t so intelligent and good at what I do.  lol.  Always things like that happening in my life, though.

Guess this time around, I’m lucky I’m so smart and skilled.

Earlier in life when things were looking down, I was lucky I was very good looking, and could live off of that and turn that into money.  haha.  Still am doing that whole thing.

But now I’m lucky that I’m intelligent and good at what I do, with lots of skills and creativity and eye for detail, so that gets me by…because I’m always short somewhere.

When I was younger it had to be looks, because I had no money to apply myself to education, and money doesn’t come swiftly to people with no education, who are young, and have not much job experience beyond retail, bar tending at a teen club, and lifeguaring at a water park.   haha.

Ugh.  Well anyway, I need to go get some coffee.  I’ve just been thinking how interesting it is that things can change so quicly and drastically over short periods of time.  You go from being on top of something, to the lowest possible that you can be, when you let things slide a little.  lol.

I guesssss I just need to get on track with a lot of things right now.  I was doing so well all around until this lyme disease thing came about.  Now I’m back under the bus again!  Time to dig myself out another time.  Ugh.

Well, talk to ya laterssss.  I guess I’m going to make coffee & possibly pumpkin pancakes & eggs.  If I’m feeling up to all that work, that is.

Byeee! 🙂


Like this:

  • Maango

    You have lyme disease? Wtf? When did this happen?

  • ragu

    Your pic scares me.

  • Ohhh please. Why would my picture scare you?

    Don’t look at it if you don’t like it!

  • ragu

    I’ll look at whatever I damn well please, thank you very much.

  • OH YUH???

    Your face looks what it damn well pleases. And that is not nice. TYVM.


  • ragu

    Now look here, Jennyfur. You leave my face alone.

  • Maango

    You two are a couple of sillies

  • Uhuhuhuh
    says the guy named after the fruit ;D

  • Maango

    I’m a sexy beast

  • ragu