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Another hot one!


By Ling / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Oh yes it is!

It is nice and sunny these days so I have been going out and enjoying it! Although.. most days it is a bit TOO hot. I hate feeling sticky and sweaty, well depends on what from 😉

I have been having mad cravings for frozen yogurt and luckily for me there are about 10 frozen yogurt shops within a 10 mile radius! AND I have a bunch of coupons for most of them! I LOVE taro flavor and pistachio. I also love just plain tart flavor. They have some flavors that seem soo yukk like peanut butter, but look at me I like taro flavor! Most people dont even know what taro is! All u gotta know is that it is GOOD! 😛

They have some crazy toppings too. I just stick with the fruits, konyaku, lil asian jellies toppings 😛 Cereals like Capn Crunch, fruity pebbles… nah.  Oh and thank goodness it is mostly lowfat and non fat frozen yogurt. AND there are live and active cultures that are healthy and help with the digestive tract. So it pretty much is guilt free! Oh but I only want to go to the ones that are self serve. There are sooo many shops! You can have any word after yogurt and I bet that it already exists! Haha Yogurtland, yogurtworld, yogurtplace, yogurtface, yogurtroom, yogurtpoop, yogurtbutt the list goes on and on 😀

Like this:

  • Evan

    Yumma Yumma on the frozen yogurt Ling. Active cultures and Digestive Tracts… your always so smart and teaching us things.