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By Jenna / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Whew. So, the concert last night was really fun! Got there at 10, it took forever to get in because the line was SO long. And it was funny because this group of girls in front of me handed in their tickets and they were FAKE! bahaha. I could tell they were lying because one of them paled and was like ‘we didn’t know it was fake!’ cause one ticket was real and 2 others were fake and they had to kick them out, bahaha. The main girl was just bawling her eyes out because they were with this group of guys and they were looking at her like she was a dumbass. They must have gotten the real one, scanned it and printed it out or something. So, finally we got in. My friends and I grabbed a beer and went in search of our favorite bartender. Found her! they put her in a bad spot for some reason instead of her usual one? strange. oh well, at least it didn’t take 20 minutes to get a beer instead of just walking up to her and ordering. The band was good! lots of dancing and music, i’m not usually a country person, i like my rock music but i at least had fun. Took several shots, and i’m feeling it now! bah! ah well. that was my night! too bad nothing too interesting went down! haha.

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