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Inglourious Basterds


By Jenna / 7 years ago / In: General ,



My weekend was great. Turned 22 on Friday! went to the pool and drank beer with 2 of my gf’s. then saturday i had my party! whee!! It was soo much fun and great to see all of my friends. then yesterday my roommates and I decided we wanted to go see Inglourious Basterds at 8:10. We got there and they were sold out of all except for 10:00 so we ordered these tickets, and went to the bar to drink some MORE beer, whew and played pool. Then went back to the movie, apparently we have good timing cause after we got the tickets at 8 for the 10 movie, it sold out at 8:15, so they shut down Time Traveler’s Wife and put another reel of Inglourious Basterds in there instead at 10:30! damn! I’ve NEVER seen a movie sell out like that on a SUNDAY. Anyway, we got our seats, i went to get 2 cokes. Wow.. the cashier must have been new and was really freaked out because she just kinda went blank when she was supposed to give me change lol it took her nearly 10 minutes to give me my change! i was like, jeez! and finally went back in and the movie started! Woowww all i can say is that it was AWESOME. Landa was amazing and it’s no wonder the actor that played him walked away with best actor at Cannes film festival. And now i want me some big bear jew! hahah! Brad Pitt was really good in it too. Let’s just say, ordering milk, strudel and cream has never been more scary 🙂

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  • drayh

    Glad to hear you loved the movie. Went to see it Friday and was impressed. The guy who played Landa was classic.

    Sounds like you know your movies. Have a good one, sweetheart.

    -Daniel from Tx