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By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Health



im healthy again! i just finished taking all of my antibiotics yesterday and im finally over my tonsillitis. and in case you haven’t noticed, that means im back online! woot. i haven’t been working the same hours because i got another part time job…im trying to adjust to being back to work after being unemployed for how many months, and its been making me exhausted and sooo sore…lol. so hopefully i’ll be back to normal soon and be back on p-chats as much as i can! tomorrow im working a 9-3 shift at the new job, (ugh!) and 5-9 at my other job! blah. open to fucking close…i did this last saturday too. then sunday i have to be at work at nine again! on a sunday! what the fuck is that shit? anyways, im gonna try to be online sunday night, but no promises. things are so crazy lately. im not really sure how to feel about anything in my life. im not really digging this new job…im not making enough money and its a lot of physical work. which is not for me at all. and don’t even get me started on relationships…i feel like i have no friends around here, and the friends i do have are either too far away, or always working whenever i want to hang out. tonight i went out to diner with my mom, which makes me feel sad in a way, but its good to spend time with my mom i guess. moms either know how to make you feel a lot better about something, or make you feel so much worse! my mom usually makes me feel better and then throws something in there to make me feel worse. like at dinner we were talking about something and then she starts telling me about how i should start going to church again, that it would help me figure out my life and blah blah blah. who knows, maybe shes right…so im gonna get offline here in about 15 minutes, so i’ll catch you all later!


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