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The Newest Women of NNC


By STeeLeRMaN / 7 years ago / In: Articles , News ,



Everyone knows about CamWithHer, but how many of you knew about NonNudeCams?  NonNudeCams or NNC is a site much like CamWithHer that holds some of the most beautiful women on the planet!  There has been a huge upswing in the number of NNC girls recently so I thought we should get to know some of these gorgeous”newbies”.  I had the chance to talk to nine of these beauties to find out a little bit more about them.  You’ll be surprised what some of these women have to say!

Hello ladies and thank you for taking the time for this interview.  I’m sorry I could fly you all to my island retreat, but with the economy the way it is, we will just have to settle for this plain room.  Here’s how this will happen, I will ask you girls a question and you answer one at a time. I just want the readers to learn a few basics about each and every one of you.  So let’s get this ball rolling by telling me your name, what country you’re from and how you found out about NNC.


Zoie: My name is Zoie and I live in the US.  I found out about CWH through a model that most of you probably know, Claire. She and I are best friends and one day I asked her how she has so much money when she NEVER works and she started to explain the whole camwithher job and the next week, i was sending my application out.

Ariel: Hi, I’m Ariel and I also live in the United States.  I Googled.

LoveTara: Hi, I’m Tara and I’m from the USA (East coast).  I actually learned about CWH after watching the reality show Brianna was on, I got curious and searched for her then searched for the site she mentioned!

Val Veyron: Hi, my name is Val and I was born in Europe, live in the US and made in heaven.  One night I was like surfing the web watching some funny videos and I came across this video of Gisele I think on and she was looking so yum yum.  I was like OMG and i saw the logo on the bottom saying  I was like KABOOOOM this is the place for me.  I fit with the scenery. LOL

Nora: I’m Nora, live in the US and I learned about CWH & NNC from a friend of mine (Emi).

Dayna: Hi, I’m Dayna and I live in Canada (though I’m in the US this Summer).  I found CWH and NNC through some other amazing camgirls!  I know Countess, Korin, and a few others outside of CWH and it wasn’t too long before I wanted in on the fun.

Thrice: Hi, I’m Thrice.  I live in the USA.  A few of my friends joined and told me what a great community it was, so i decided to join.

Raven: My name is Raven and I live in the UK (although originally from The Netherlands).  I found CWH and NNC through the gorgeous Countess.

Mercedes: Hi, I’m Mercedes and I’m living in the USA.  I learned about CWH and NNC from looking at videos on and saw something that lead me here.  I have been hooked ever since.

SM: It sounds like we have to give special thanks to a few current camgirls for you ladies being here.  I’ve never seen the application, but i bet one of the questions is…

Have you ever cammed before?

Zoie: Nope, nothing even remotely like this.

Ariel: No, I lost my cam virginity to NNC!

LoveTara: Nope, I’m a virgin! Will someone come pop my cherry??

Val Veyron: Yes, I have been doing this on and off for many years.  I love it and I was always great at it, but I quit everything else for SNR because for the first time in many years I feel this is the place I been dreaming of.  I could actually call it cam girls heaven. LOL  I have always felt more on the BOMBSHELL side not really next door common girl, so a smaller, but exclusive and exquisite place like CWH is definitely for me.

Nora: Here and there…never with a full time cam site.

Dayna: Nope!  NNC has totally taken my camming virginity. That said, I’m a big nerd, so I did research into camming and performing… which basically means I watched a lot of hot videos and called it “time invested into my future.”

Thrice: I have never cammed before I joined NNC, but I am a total exhibitionist so I figured I would get the hang of it quickly.

Raven: Nope, first time ever! *eep*

Mercedes: No, this is my first time and so far i love doing it.

SM: It sounds like we have a bunch of newbies.  Well, let me be one of the first to welcome you into the NNC/CWH fold.  I’m sure you girls will do just fine.  So tell me…

What are some of your hobbies or fun things to do when not camming?

Zoie: I love to run and workout (mostly Pilates, yoga and dancing). I love being a firefighter and EMT so I enjoy saving lives and protecting property in my free time.  I love to read and relax on the beach under the sun.  Other than that i just hang out with my friends, laughing and listen to music.

Ariel: I’m actually a pretty good artist, so I like to paint and draw. I’m building a portfolio to intern as a tattoo artist. I also love anything involving nature. I have a big heart for animals.

LoveTara: My hobbies include hanging with my girlfriends, going tanning, shopping, working out and then also going to the racetrack and watching car races!

Val Veyron: Oh God, I have so many and so little time to do them.  First of all, I like spending quality time with my son, his name is David.  He’s three and he is the smartest cutest kid ever!!  I also like spoiling myself shopping , beauty treatments, going to the beach… I love keeping my body tanned.  I used to be a party animal.  I don’t do it as often now, but whenever I have a chance I don’t miss it partying with my gals clubbing, dancing, champagne. LOL I can be such a bad girl sometimes.  I love the outdoors too …walk around the park … the beach …country side …You name it!  If the sun’s above me, I’m game.

Nora: Lately I’ve really been into Scuba diving.. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more traveling with that soon.  Other than that I make jewelry and mosaic tile stuff and I hang out with the petting zoo I have at home.

Dayna: I think I have too many! Cooking, writing, reading, dancing, sewing, taking pictures, hiking, biking, long walks through the city even, exploring unique or discarded urban spaces, psychology, yoga, trying new restaurants, swimming, horror movies, and even just chatting away in the forums!

Thrice: I love dancing so any chance I get I go out to the clubs with my girlfriends and we get the dance floor heated up!  I also love the beach or any body of water I can swim in…and no I dont like wearing a swim suit when I swim…skinny dipping all the way!

Raven: Reading (I’m a HUGE bookworm), watching wildlife & volunteering for said wildlife, going to gigs & standup comedy.

Mercedes: I like working out, swimming, tanning, reading, watching movies, shopping and hanging out with my friends.

SM: Wow!  It sounds like we’ve got a well-rounded group.  You know they say that your hobbies are an indicator of your personality…

How would you describe your personality?

Zoie: I’d say I’m a really honest person. Maybe too honest at times. I’m really upfront with people and I don’t really hide what I really think which can get me in trouble sometimes.  I’m very outgoing and am very easy to get along with.  I’ve been known to make a friend no matter where I am.

Ariel: I’m sometimes shy and sweet, but then again I can be quirky and feisty. The best description of my personality would be borderline bipolar.

LoveTara: My personality would have to be shy sweet girl at first, then pop out of nowhere my naughty side shows through.

Val Veyron: OK, even if its hard I’ll try to keep this honest and objective …I’m a good person, big-hearted, caring, generous, honest (brutally honest) … I care about people and always try to help them even if sometimes I should just mind my own business.  I’m joyful, smiley, happy most of the time, totally POSITIVE and I try to spread that around, BUTTTT (there’s a but of course) I can be very moody, mean, manipulative, hysterical and bitchy.

Nora: Mildly humorous, witty, sarcastic, and I’m also pretty compassionate,  and as long as you’re not fake I’m really easy to get along with.

Dayna: One of my dearest friends once described me as “two parts flower child, one part class clown.” It’s pretty accurate! I’m really quite shy when I first meet people, especially in large groups, but give me even just a bit of caffeine and I’m bouncing off the walls. Once you get to know me, you realize I’m not so serious after all and always up for a good laugh or wild adventure.

Raven: I’m a little bit crazy, but nice really!

Mercedes: I am very sweet, caring, kindhearted. I am also outgoing and I get along with everyone.

SM: I’m talking to a bunch of crazy sweethearts!!  So us guys were talking and wanted to know….

What are some of your turn-ons / turn-offs?

Zoie: Turn-ons- when a guy has the confidence to take control of any situation (in or out of bed) HUGE turnon, when a guy nibbles on my ear, sucks on my fingers, kisses my inner thigh, when a guy can be both sweet and kind, yet rough and nasty in bed. Turn-offs- when a guy smokes and when they’re really loud and rude/disrespectful towards either me or my friends.

Ariel: Turn-ons – a genuine guy with a kind heart. Good looks don’t hurt either.  Turn-offs – Liars, cheaters, and narrow minded people.

LoveTara: Turn-ons – sweet, giving personality,  hot body and some nice teeth.  Turn-offs – rude and cocky attitudes and not keeping up with personal hygiene.

Val Veyron: Turn-ons – Kissing my back.  Turn-offs – everything involving bad hygiene …liars, braggers, show-offs, hypocrites, man-whores and people with addiction problems.

Nora: Turn-ons – sometimes I really like being pampered, romance and sensual massage and other times smack my ass, pull my hair, grab my hips.. oh my!  Turn-offs – bad hygiene , being overly clingy, over the ankle socks.. weird I know. LOL

Dayna: Turn-ons – a great sense of humor, a great smile, intelligence, deep and penetrating eyes, light and suggestive touches, heartbeats, great conversation, accents, wine.  Turn-offs – bad hygiene, intolerance, abuse of others, rage, rudeness, elitism, boredom.

Thrice: Turn ons – men that really appreciate a woman for her mind and body!   Also, intellectually stimulating men make me go crazy!  Turn-offs – rudeness and arrogance are at the top of my list.  Also, men who don’t respect women make my blood boil and instantly make them not attractive to me.

Raven: Turn-ons – soft kisses, sweet nothings, wild passion.  Turn-offs – Rudeness, lack of respect, domineering men.

Mercedes: Turn-ons – kissing my neck and my thighs.  Turn-offs – gross feet.

SM: Interesting stuff.  You know I fit most of your turn-ons.  So, now that we know what turns you on…

What kind of things drive you crazy when getting intimate?

Zoie: I love when a guy can take things slow and get in the mood.  Especially when a guy leaves a note telling me how bad he wants to do me/what he wants to do with me later. It definitely makes the waiting worthwhile.  I love when a guy whispers into my ear and tells me that he thinks I’m beautiful and when he slowly takes my clothes off, slowly kissing my body as he removes the layers.  I love when a guy messes up something and blushes, cutest thing in the world and it makes me laugh which makes the entire moment more memorable and enjoyable.

Ariel: I love being thrown around a little. Pain itself is a turn-on. I like roughness, I won’t break. When I find someone special, I’d love to try more intimate, tantric sex.

LoveTara: OMG when a guy tickles or caresses my sides!  Also, sucking then blowing on my neck makes me wet in a 60 seconds.

Val Veyron: I talked about this in the forum.  It’s my back.  I love my back kisses and caressed.  Being of well and good size too.

Nora: Crazy good  or crazy bad?  Crazy good would be a kiss that takes my breath away.  Crazy bad would be a big sloppy wet kiss.. gross!

Dayna: Apparently this surprises some people, but I love me some bondage play. Relinquishing control and being surprised with every moment (or movement!) gets me so, so hot and bothered. Also, a lot of foreplay. I can’t get enough anticipation!

Thrice: I love being teased and teased and teased until I cannot take it anymore!  I also love when a man takes control over me…goodness that makes me crazy!

Raven: Good crazy: kissing my neck, taking lots of time over foreplay.  Bad crazy: missing THE spot, hurrying too much, big egos.

Mercedes: Being kissed all over!!

SM: I see we also have a bunch of naughty girls.  I think I need to go take a cold shower after that!  Let’s turn down the heat for a little bit…

Are you a party girl or a sit at home and read a book kind of girl?

Zoie: I’m completely a sit at home and read a book kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good party but on a regular basis I’d rather sit at home and curl up with a cup of hot tea and a good book/movie with either my best friend or my boyfriend.

Ariel: Neither! I have my moments and phases, but in general I have a sense for adventure and I’m consider myself an tree hugging, beach loving type of gal.

LoveTara: I would say I am both, sometimes I love to go out and party, but then again on some nights and more in the winter, I love to just get in my sexy pj’s and watch movies and veg out!

Val Veyron: Absolutely both!  I love to party and I love taking care of my home and being in it.  My friends call me a domestic diva.

Nora: I’m not really a “party girl”.  I do enjoy a good book or magazine, but I prefer to spend free time on the beach or under water.

Dayna: Again, a bit of both! Most of the time, at least recently, I’m a homebody, and I do read a lot, but I’m in a house where people just drop by and hang out often, so I’m not exactly alone. When I do go out and party, I really make sure to party!

Thrice: I’m a great mix of both. I love sitting home on the couch watching movies on a Saturday night but I also love going out and getting totally wild and not coming home until the sun comes up!

Raven: The latter, although you can sway me to be the former with the promise of a great gig and amazing sex!

Mercedes: I am a little bit of both.  I like to go out and have fun, but I also love curling up in bed and reading a good book.

SM: Looks like we have some bookworms who like to party.  Party at Barnes & Nobles!!  Almost done here…

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

Zoie: I was in the Junior Olympics when I was 12 but then I had an accident (I fell off the high bar in the middle of one of my routines).  I had a concussion and I died.  I was in a coma for about 3 weeks and lost my entire memory.  I had to go to a special school for about a year after the injury and when I came back to school everyone made fun of me because they had all sorts of rumors going around about where I was for the past year.

Ariel: Most people don’t know I work as a camgirl. I live a double life…

LoveTara: I am a big car fanatic.  I love fast cars and lowered trucks.  I also have a love for old school hot rods also!  Racing makes my panties wet also.

Val Veyron: You already know it.  I’m a cam girl.

Nora: I really want to be a Scuba instructor.

Dayna: My secret “dream job” fantasy is to be a profiler, like the BAU team on “Criminal Minds.”

Thrice: While I may look like a girly girl, I used to be a very competitive sports player, winning many medals for my swimming ability.  Just try and race me in a pool.  I’ll give you a run for your money!

Raven: I’m an “alt” soft-porn model.

Mercedes: I love cooking.

SM: I see we have some hidden talents and amazing stories.  I’m glad you are back and looking great Zoie.  Alright, last question…

Do you have anything you want to say to your current and future fans?

Zoie: I would just like to say thank you to all of my fans for cumming out to play with me.  I’d also like to say that you guys are the reason I have my job and thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to have a great time and get paid for it.  I hope you all had fun and that you cum back again to play!!  There’s a lot more to cum from me ! Also, if there is anything you’d like to request, please let me know and we can figure something out–I’m flexible!

Ariel: I know most of you here don’t know me, but I’m looking forward to becoming a part of the “camwithher family.”  Everyone that I’ve talked to has just been so sweet and welcoming and I’m excited to show you all ME.  I’m on non-nude cams late nights/early mornings so come by and let’s play!

LoveTara: I would have to say that I love the current fans, and hope to expand my fan base a lot more because this is just the beginning of me.  There is a whole lot CUMMING of me in the future and it will just keep getting better and better!!  I look forward to sometime eventually getting my own forum so I can show you guys more about me and more real life pics and sexier pics and I look forward to p-chatting with all of you and having some hardcore dirty fun.

Val Veyron: Love me or hate me, I’ll still give you a boner. LOL

Nora: Thank you for supporting me and giving me time to get to know each other.

Dayna: I’m really not as serious as I (may or may not) seem.  I laugh really easily, and a lot!  But most importantly, hi!  I’ve had a great time here so far and I’m always excited to meet someone new, so your visits are always welcome!

Thrice: I just want to say thanks to all of those who have cum to check me out and for the rest of you, I suggest you cum play with me, you are in for one wild ride!

Raven: You’re all amazing and make a girl’s ego explode!

Mercedes: I hope that you come and get to know me more.  I can’t wait to meet you and have a good time with you.  You will enjoy your time with me.

SM: Thank you ladies for a great job and don’t forget guys, you can catch these gorgeous ladies at NonNudeCams and ICGirls. Some can be seen at NudeAdultCams.

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