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By Jenn / 7 years ago / In: General ,



So…Today in class we were doing *more* makeup junk.

Everyone swarmed around me and my kit, because apparently I’m the only person there who’s done makeup before and actually has a kit!  lol.

Gawd.  Anyway…then they all wanted their makeup done like, full evening makeup.  Obviously four hours is not enough time to do that many girl’s makeup!

So…I just did one.  lol.

Blah.  I’m tired.

I went to the dermatologist, had to get a blood test to see if I have lyme disease!

I feel like it’s probably what’s wrong, and possibly my bite isn’t from a horsefly…so we’ll see.  Lyme disease usually comes from ticks or sometimes mites apparently as well, which I knew but never did see what really bit me so…who the hell knows.

I just assumed it was a horse fly because they were out where I was on a boat when this bite appeared…so we’ll see!

I’m on antibiotics now and they make me feel sick.  Earlier today I was super sick and couldn’t eat or keep any food down, or water, or anything at all. 🙁  Still had to go to class and do makeup all night though.  Blehhh.

Ok well, just wanted to put a little update here!

Like this:

  • Simon

    Why did u stop doing videos?
    and your blogs are really funny its good to know how u live so thx 🙂