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By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: Free Content , General , P-Chats



i started a new job today. im kind of pissed off though because i applied for two different full time jobs and when i get there to fill out the paper work they were like, she told you it would be only part time, right? no! o wells. its better than nothing i suppose. although i think i might hate it. its my first time working in a clothing store, so i guess the good part is that i can get a discount on clothes! we had training today and there were 5 other people there plus me…the whole time i was thinking that i am so much more qualified than all these people…fucking high school kids! yet here i am making minimum wage along with them. never thought i’d be making minimum wage again. i mean, i’ve been management for about 5 years now. ugh. if i think about it too much i’ll just get discouraged. i just don’t understand why no one i interviewed with will call me back. i’ve never had this much trouble getting a job. ok, im done bitching now! im eating some ice cream to make myself feel better, and watching warehouse 13. i feel so lonely today. i’ve gotten no texts or messages and the only person that called me was my mother. haha. well, im working the rest of the weekend so i prob won’t be on p-chats until monday. catch you later then! <3

Like this:

  • bernard klitzner

    dear lizzy,

    you are beautiful.

    i love you

  • chris

    your so hot