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By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: Free Content , General , P-Chats



i haven’t updated this blog in a while! i feel like i’ve been very productive lately. i cleaned my apartment, did all the dishes, got a new shower curtain, went through the massive pile of papers that was taking over my desk. the only thing i still want to do is finally hang up all my art work and photos, because starring at white walls is getting a litte discouraging. i don’t have a tool kit though…no hammer and nails. so im gonna have to borrow it from someone i guess. might stop over my parents today and do that. i also have to go get my friend a birthday present today because his birthday is tomorrow! im so broke, and dudes are hard to shop for…not sure what i should get him yet, but i guess i’ll just go wander around the mall or something. haha. i think im gonna make him brownies too. instead of a cake. i think that will be cute. ah i have so much free time! i was awake until after 6am “last night”, and i just woke up around 4pm! my sleep schedule is so fucked! lol. i think i may have gotten a job though, so i’ll need to get back on a normal persons schedule. i go in thursday for new hire training or something like that…although they haven’t told me what position im being offered, which seems a little shady to me. i def need one with benefits…i had to pay $130 for my prescription the other day because the health insurance from my last job finally ran out! anyways, i have another interview on thursday too, so well see how that goes. all these interviews and still no one seems to want me! blah. o wells. i should be on p-chats later tonight, so come keep me company!


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