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Lizzy is not a bumble bee


By Lizzy / 7 years ago / In: General , Girl Stuff , P-Chats



my friends wedding was on saturday and i was the maid of honor. we went and got our hair done and ran around like crazy all day getting everything ready. as we were about to leave to go to the wedding the trunk of her car broke and wouldn’t close. we had to tie it closed with rope, and my boy in the back seat had to hold the rope so it wouldn’t pop open while we were driving. of course she was freaking out, cuz we were runnig late and what not. but anyways, the wedding went off without a hitch. everyone looked amazing and so happy. we took our photos and ate lots of food at the reception.

i think im gonna get going to bed soon…not my normal late night self tonight! i have to wake up early tomorrow cuz im getting my hair done! no more horrible roots like in that picture, i will be a sexy blonde again! i’ve been trying to contact my hair dresser for months, with no returned calls…so i finally just went there and scheduled an appointment, and thats the only time she could squeeze me in. im not complaining. i just can’t stay up late tonight. maybe i’ll be on p-chats during the day tomorrow then. on friday i have a follow up interview with the job im really hoping to get, so cross your fingers for me guys! later that day i have another job interview with a new place, so well see how that goes. i just really need a job…i got a letter in the mail today from unemployment saying i need to call and discuss my claim. im sort of angry about it…what the fuck is there to discuss? arg. i don’t even want to think about it right now…

saturday is july cheap chat day! private rates as low as 0.99! im going away this weekend, but im going to try to be on during the morning on saturday, because im so bummed i missed the last cheap chat day! don’t miss out. ; )

i want to try to go to the beach this weekend, maybe even just for the day. i don’t think i’ve been to the beach in like two years. i haven’t gotten to take a real vacation in over a year, and i just need to get away. hopefully everthing works out. i would love to stay down there the whole weekend, but theres no way i can afford a hotel. all my friends tell me we should just sleep on the beach or in our car, but that sort of makes me nervous. idk, maybe it will be an adventure!

thats about all for now guys. look for me on p-chats tomorrow!


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  • Emily Rose

    you look sooo prettty 🙂