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Jessica Klein = A hot Southern Belle!


By admin / 7 years ago / In: Articles ,



Who likes a animal loving, horror watching, costume wearing southern belle? I think we all do! Our very own Jessica Klein sat down with me *In her bathrrom!* Not wearing much, mind you…and gave me a interview!

Hey Jessica! Thanks alot for doing this interview, lets start off, how old are you?

How are you enjoying your time on CWH so far?
I absolutely love it! I had no idea going into camming what it even was, let alone what type of community at CWH to expect. Everyone is closely knit, and genuinely takes in interest in one another. Not to mention our girls are effing hot!

I hear you are a horror movie fan…so am I! What’s your all time favorite horror flick?
Haute Tension (High Tension)..French horror is the best!

What do you like to do in your spare time besides driving all of us crazy with your sexiness?
I love keeping busy. I do a million errands in a day. I love the gym, home exercise, pole dancing/spinning, playing with my animals, playing billiards, going to the pool, & helping with animals rescue groups/going to rallies.

What’s the most crazy thing to happen to you during your CWH career so far?
Um, seeing a man dressed in drag.

I heard you like to dress up in costumes…what’s some of your favorites?
I do! French maid,cop,Rainbow Brite.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
No tattoos, but i have my ears & bellybutton pierced- i don’t wear the bellybutton ring anymore, just got bored of it.

Do you like girls by any chance? *wink*
Mhmmm, i have been known to have a few excursions with women..but don’t tell anyone ok?

Do you have any pets?
I have 6. 3 cats, a ferret, and 2 rats.

Okay, we all wanna know…what’s your ideal man like?
Physically, my exes have been so different that it’s hard to judge. Personality is most important to me. Humor is key . I think it’s very important to never take anything too seriously & enjoy life. Romance & keeping things fresh is also important. Spice keeps the sex life raging & the twinkle in my eye!

Are you in school? What are you studying?
I am not in school, i graduated. I did study psychology, religion, & literature although i didn’t graduate with a major in any of those. My future career down the road will probably be as an animal welfare specialist though. I have the feeling it will always keep me busy. =)

Should we be expecting any pro shots of Jessica Klein anytime soon?
Hmmm, probably not unless Steve flies them out to me(i kid i kid). I did do plenty of modeling in the past, but good photographers are too hard to come by here.

You have such an amazing body…do you work out a lot? Play any sports at all?
Thank you! No sports for me, because i get frustrated on teams, but i love to keep active. Gym, pole, home exercise, Wiifit, going to the park, & walking my kitties around my neighbor all keep me busy!

Last off, where can we find this sexy southern belle on cam?
**hehe** Well, i AM sitting in the bathtub with you…

Jessica Klein can be seen on CamWithHer, NonNudeCams, and NudeAdultCams. Also, if you are a member of CamWithHer, you can check out her very own forum!

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