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Sica: Blonde, Beautiful, and Bummalicious


By SteveS813 / 7 years ago / In: News ,



I recently had a chance to meet and chat with the young and lovely Sica. This young beauty has a good head on her shoulders and is very goal oriented.

We decided to begin our meeting at a park near her apartment. I’m sitting on a bench and look up from my notes to see this stunning blonde walking towards me. She’s wearing a red tank top and a very short pair of black shorts. I reach out to shake her hand, but she leans in and gives me a nice little hug and says, “Thanks for meeting with me Steve”. To which I reply, “Shall we get started”?

Steve: What or who got you interested in camming?
Sica: I used to dance on another site for free and then one of my fans suggested I dance here because they thought I’d be good for the site, so I went for it and I’m really glad I did.

Steve: How long have you been camming here?
Sica: I’ve been here for almost five months. I am enjoying my time and everyone is so nice and friendly and helpful! It’d be nice if more guys would give me a chance though, I just think they are scared that I may bite.
Steve: Hmmm, maybe some of your fans and others may like that!

Steve: Do you think being probably the youngest girl here has its advantages or disadvantages for you?
Sica: What guy wouldn’t want to do something naughty with a girl who just recently turned 18? But, seriously my age is not a handicap for me, it doesn’t affect me anymore positively or negatively than any of the other girls here when it comes to the factor of age.

Steve: Shall we take a walk so I can see more of your beautiful city?
As she gets up and starts to walk, I pause to check out her backside as she walks.
Sica: Do you like what you see?
Steve: Ummm… Yeah looks very nice to me…. sorry for staring
Sica: No worries, so what’s the next question.

Steve: Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of camming?
Sica: I love my Xbox360 and PS3. I like the Playstation Home Beta thing they got going on, SingStar, and on the Xbox Halo3, Oblivion, and I want to try Tomb Raider: Underworld but haven’t yet. I also love the Sims so when I get a new computer I’d love to get Sims 3. I also love taking pictures of myself or having my boyfriend take pictures of me, I wish I was a professional model! I love to go out to eat. I REALLY like to go out and try new places to eat! lol. I also love to paint and draw. I like driving too. In fact I lovveee driving, it’s sooo fun! Oh, and dancing. Yeah I dance outside of work too.

Steve: Do you have another job or are you attending school?
Sica: I’m applying to other places such as a sex/lingerie shop, or a home improvement store. I am going to attend a GED course in the fall hopefully. Don’t worry, I’m not replacing this job, I just want to get another one!

Just then we pass by this little shop called Mary Kate’s Fashions and we look at each other and she says, “Let’s check it out.”

Steve: Would you allow a boyfriend or other guy friend to go lingerie shopping with you, or would you prefer going with girlfriends?
Sica: Oh hell yeah! I want to know what guys think of an outfit because if they say something doesn’t look good then why would I want to wear it? I certainly don’t want to wear something that doesn’t look good! Haha!

Steve: Do you have a favorite outfit that gets requested a lot?
Sica: Hmm, I get my skin tight leather pants requested a lot… and recently everyone’s been loving the red seethrough outfit. I don’t personally have a favorite outfit, I just like to wear different things to do variation. I like to see what catches the guys’ eyes.

She starts going through some of the outfits on the rack and finds a little black number, “How about this one?”
She comes out looking fantastic as my jaw dropped to the floor. “I guess you approve,” and all I could do was nod.

Steve: So, what are your favorite types of foods?
Sica: I LOVE FOOD! You ready for this list? General Tso’s, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Lobster Tail, Onion Rings, Cheeseburgers, Cheese stuffed crust pizza, Mexican food, Crab rangoon, little coffee cake things from chinese restaurants, Ferrero Rochero hazelnut chocolates, Godiva raspberry jam filled chocolates, baked apple pie, so basically I love anything as long as there are no olives or mushrooms or weird stuff in it.

We both spot a red outfit at the same time and look at each other, “I’ll be right back.” A couple minutes later she returns and my eyes got really big (as well as something else). Sica just giggled.

After leaving with the two outfits we leave the store and start heading back to the park.
Steve: Who are some CWH/NNC models that you admire? What girls have helped you out while being here?
Sica: I really admire Violet, she seems to love what she does, she is very pretty, she is smart, and she seems successful. She is really helpful too. I look up to her when I need something to be inspired on here. I also admire Jenna, Emi, Gisele, and Silvia. Girls that have helped me out are Jenna, Kaylee, Violet, Sweet Victoria, Emily Rose, Emi, and Tori. They are all beautiful and smart and helpful as are all the girls. I like being here and having them as my friends, plus being hot helps.

Steve: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Sica: Hopefully engaged at least, or married. Having a new home or a remodeled home, being a successful camgirl, doing some professional modeling for a store or a magazine (nothing big just something professional), making good money, having my GED, getting my Esthetician certificate, and being a makeup artist.

And my final question is….
Steve: What do you think life after camming will be like?
Sica: A lot more boring and lonely than I’ll be used to thanks to this job. I won’t have any girls to talk to much afterwards, I will miss all the compliments from hundreds of guys telling me how I look great. I will miss the dressing up and taking pictures, and of course I’ll miss the dancing. It’s so fun here and I can’t really imagine how I won’t be here forever. It’s making me sad now… haha. Oh well, y’all have made it good so far and I hope it continues for a LONG time. I LOVE everyone for that!

We get back to the park to say our goodbyes and she reaches for a hug and leans in to give me a kiss and…… BANG as a HUGE clap of thunder wakes me from my dream and all I can think is I wonder how that kiss was going to end!

Sica can be found on NNC!!

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