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By Lux / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Stress sucks, poo on you stress!

So I’m trying to get rid of my car, smart little me decided to jump into buying a nice overpriced car from a sleezy ** dealership without putting anything down, so my payments are too high and I hate having so many expenses every month. I hate trying to sell it on the classifieds, only two people have responded (probably because I”m asking more than I should- lol) and they keep asking me all this stuff, I JUST WANNA GET RID OF IT, and especially before the end of the month sneaks up because I don’t want to pay another round of payments and then want to hold onto it for what I’ve paid. Considering taking it to a dealership and getting them to buy it from me, I’ll lose about 2 grand but I’ll still owe for the loan to get rid of it anyways. AHHHHHHH

Also my webcam broke, I guess after almost 2 years and like 1,000+ hours of online time that’s what will happen, HAHA.

What else?

OH yeah, so last night my dogs are freaking out at the window, so I open the blinds and there’s this naked man running around singing the ABC’s on my floors courtyard, he had a really big penis I swear it was flopping between his knees, but it was gross not sexy. Damnit I should have video taped it.

Anyway, no idea who that perv was but it was super awesome and I hope it happens again.

The people in the building across the alley are finally moving in, I have to remember to keep my blinds closed all the time now because after a show ends, I’ll run out of my guest room with lotion dripping off my nipples to get a towel or some water and there will be people like :0 across the way. I have to admit, I did buy a pair of binoculars so that I can spy on people in the surrounding buildings, really hoping to find a naked babe or a hot couple banging.



Like this:

  • STeeLeRMaN

    Ummmm…. it’s rather embarrassing, but I tend to run around naked singing my A-B-C’s when I’m stressed. Sorry for disturbing you. 😉 LOL