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In other news…


By Jenn / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Well, let’s see here…

Just an FYI for all who don’t tend to peruse the forums regularly, I’ve been moved over to NNC, from CWH. School takes up too much time for me now, and I couldn’t keep up with the needed hours for cwh. All this means is that my online box won’t show up on cwh anymore, only on nnc, icgirls, etc. whatever else is out there. :p

IN OTHER NEWS…School’s going well. Doing lots of hair. Lots of happy people with new summer looks, or wedding updos, or cuts, etc. by me! 🙂 I love how everyone transforms when we do big changes in their hair style or color etc. It’s probably the best part of the whole job…helping people feel great and all that…sounds sappy I know lol…but I can tell that the majority of people who’s hair I end up doing…end up wanting to hug me when they leave lol…they’re just so thankful and happy and sometimes appear to not know how to contain themselves, which you know…that makes me feel good. ;D

We had a group of special kids come in the other day for some hair cuts…that was nice…I felt like I was doing something great by doing some good hair on kids who don’t often get to go anywhere to get beauty services. So yeah. We also do random charity events…which always turn out good.

I officially have a few return clients now who specifically request me (Not the easiest to establish return clients while in school salon), even if I’m not on the salon floor b/c of the class time we have to do…then they come later again when I’m out on the floor and complain about how they got stuck with someone else b/c I wasn’t available the time they needed to come in…which sucks cuz I have to fix whatever they did…but is great because duh…good sign!

What else…I don’t know. I have lots to talk about. Went camping memorial day and had fun. We had the largest group there lol. Everyone came to our campsite to hang by our fire and try to mooch food and drinks n shit…that part was stupid, the rest was fun times though. I just wish that I had brought my zune because someone else was playing their ipod and had it on repeat kylie minogue…what a goddamn headache lol. errgghhh. Leave it to the gay boys to supply the music and that’s what you get lol. They’re so awesome though, can’t talk shit b/c they’re great! 🙂

I need to do some type of music update for myself anyway…most of my stuff is still just now getting released onto the radio or becoming all main stream, which means I’m getting a little behind on keeping up with the new good music…bleh. I haven’t had time to keep up.

I had to get a new phone because my other that I had for four years or so broke down finally! How bout that shit ehhh. luckily they do the whole put a small down payment and pay the rest on your phone bill…so I don’t need to worry too much, but damn that was inconvenient for me being such a fuckin broke ass bitch!

I need to get to the store soon so that I can buy a few things I need to make a red velvet cake and icing-traditional style- from scratch! I have like 3$ to make it happen with what’s in my kitchen and the added little extras I need for it. hah. It’s the least I can do for a birthday when I’m broke, in debt & with bills & in school.

Ok well, that’s about it now! ttyl guys!

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  • Maango

    Who wouldn’t want to hug you after you did their hair?