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By Sica / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So it’s in the early morning…or late night, whichever. I haven’t went to bed yet. I’m on waiting to please someone but seems everyone else had enough sense to go to sleep earlier than me. Should have followed my own advice earlier because I will be gone all this weekend and probably won’t be home till Tuesday because me and the boyfriend have to go to his parents and hope that everything goes okay with his eight year old nephew- his family found out he had been having seizures due to a brain tumor behind his eye and above his ears somewhere in his brain.

So that sucks.


Some good news is this past weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) my grandparents came to visit and I got to see them for the first time since I ranaway, I missed them alot. I tried to see if my favorite sister *the 7 year old* could come but alas my whore of a mother said no. (lol that sounds funny if you say it in a british accent ‘my whore of a mother’ )


Anyhoo… I don’t know if any of yall know or not, but I’ve been OBSESSING over a $1200 computer. Yes, the almighty HPTouchscreen 22″ LCD screen, wireless mouse and wireless flat keyboard, no tower, it’s all in the monitor, and one chord to plug the whole thing up. I think the fullest warranty is an extra $400 I think? Anyways, me and the boyfriend went to our local bargain shop and teh bastard had it sitting right on display, for $800!!!! My boyfriend felt bad afterwards and guilty that he couldn’t buy it, but I presume it’s either stolen or something’s wrong with it, that’s just way to fucking cheap for a brand new kickin’ ass computer like that, plus I rather have it brand new and with warranty….maybe I’m just crazy but I can justify to spend alot of money on an electronic item without a warranty and being new.


I went to see Night at The Musuem : Battle of the Smithsonian or whatever, it was cute, but pretty ridiculous in some parts. I may also be out of touch of what little children like even though it’s only been a year since I spent every day with my three younger sisters and being caretakers for them for years, but Jesus Christ, the children movies seem to be filled with more ludacris and dumb ideas that they think kids while find “funny”. Yeah, from the looks of the previews, I don’t think I’d take any of my kids to the movies this summer if I had any. But that’s just me.


Oh and one last thing, if you like iced tea, (Sweet tea in the south or CRACK TEA BABY  lol) Then go by a Longhorn’s near you and ask to buy a bottle of their Blackberry Syrup… no not the kind for pancakes, the kind for tea or margarita’s, it’s SO FUCKING GOOD!!! OMG orgasm in my mouth over and over please, kthx. hehe

If you can’t get any of the syrup, ask for a gallon, or even a glass sooo good.


And Dead Sea kiosks at the mall are a rip off. Don’t get them. Well, get one, but not the second deal, and make sure they give you teh Passion scented lotion, cause I told the bitch that’s what I wanted and got home and realized she lied to me and said it was the one I wanted and gave me carribean, and the second package was green tea. Ugh! lol

It still makes my nails pretty and shiny though, so its okay.

Oh and if anyone wants to get me anything besides the computer, or a dysonball vaccuum  , get me a VS card so I can buy more of the Heavenly Bloom body mist, it’s sooo me! I love that smell, to bad it’s limited for the season , >:(  $22 for one bottle, sheeshl. They’re greedy as hell.

And I have a problem with having expensive taste!


Love yalll



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