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Wanda Makes Us Crave All Things Italian


By STeeLeRMaN / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,



Italy is a country known for great food, beautiful countryside, and now we can add Wanda to the list. This Argentinean import to Italy is one of our gorgeous webcam models who can certainly demonstrate sexy in any country. I jumped at the chance when given the opportunity to fly to Italy and interview the woman who could put the Mona Lisa to shame. We met up one morning in Venice, Italy where we did two of her favorite things, shopping and more shopping. Of course, shopping is not my idea of a good time, but lingerie shopping with a beautiful woman like Wanda has just been added to my list of favorite things to do!

SM: Wanda, thank you so much for meeting me here. My frequent flier miles are really piling up! So, what do you have planned for us?

Wanda: We’re going shopping! I need to buy more lingerie, shoes and handbags. We can stop to eat when we’re done.

SM: Sounds like a plan.

We started on our shopping excursion. I couldn’t help, but notice how great Wanda looked. She had the look of a woman who was on a mission. Her mission, whether I wanted to or not, was  SHOPPING!

SM: I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions while we shop.

Wanda: That’s fine.

SM: Great.  You live in Italy.  Where are you from originally and how old were you when you moved to Italy?

Wanda: I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but all of my family is originally from Italy, France and Spain.  I moved to Italy when I was 20 years old.

SM: What was it like growing up in Buenos Aires?

Wanda: It was great.  I had a very nice and fun childhood with friends who I miss so much.

We stop at a lingerie store.  I begin to realize just how fortunate I was to be lingerie shopping with Wanda.

SM: Have you been back to Buenos Aires since you moved to Italy?

Wanda: Yes, I used to go every year to visit my family and I stayed for a month.

SM: That’s nice that you can go back and see everyone every once in a while.  So, tell me about your life here.

Wanda: I wanted to be independent.  I had a good proposal to work here so I decided to move.  Living here, I feel more responsible because I’m alone and I must do it all by myself.  Living here is amazing.  There are so many nice places to know and so many kind people.

SM: This place is beautiful.  Of course the language would be a problem for me.  How many languages do you speak?

Wanda: Four.  I speak perfect Spanish because it is my first language and Italian.  I speak a little English and French I learned at school.

Wanda continued to look through the lingerie.  She found three or four outfits and headed to the changing room.  I followed her and stood outside the doorway.

SM: Since it’s your first language, can you say something sexy in Spanish?

Wanda: Atencion!  Podría ser muy traviesa.

I pulled out my Spanish/English dictionary and looked up the phrase as she changed.  I figured out that, loosely translated, it means “Attention!  I can be very naughty.” At that moment, Wanda stepped out of the dressing room.

Wanda: Do you like?


The lingerie store was well equipped with smelling salts.  She had obviously been in the store before. After I “came to”, I remembered the translation.

SM: Wow.  Yes, you can be.  Great outfit Wanda.  I’ll buy that one for you.  Do they have chairs here by the way?

After finding a chair and grabbing some extra smelling salts from the sales lady, I continued asking Wanda questions as she amazed me with her outfit changes.

SM: How would you describe your personality?

Wanda: Funny, open-minded, sensitive, I don’t like when people lie or when people tell me what to do, and I’m shy.  Yes, I said shy, hahaha!

SM: Shy?!  I find it very hard to believe that you are a shy webcam model.  Although, I did notice you don’t speak much during your member chats. When you do, the guys, including myself,  just go nuts for your accent.  What accent do you find sexy?

Wanda: Thanks.  I love English and German accents.

SM: Once again, my American accent fails.  In any case, I’d love to hear about your plans for the future.  Would you care to share?

Wanda: Wow.  I don’t think a lot about this.  I think with family and my own lingerie store.

SM: So this is also a scouting mission.  I understand now.  How about goals and ambitions?  Do you have any?

Wanda: I’m a very ambitious girl and I have a lot of goals: Save / invest a ton of money, be a healthier person, buy a new house, travel around the world, get my own lingerie store, and most important is to have a quiet life and be happy.

SM: It sounds like you know what you want.  I would want you to come back to the U.S. with me! Have you ever been to the United States by the way?

Wanda: Unfortunately no, but It’s my dream.  I always wanted to visit the U.S.  Before I moved here, I had the choice to work in the U.S. or Italy.  I chose Italy because I have some family here.  In the U.S., I didn’t know anyone.  Most of the time, I think I made a bad choice.

SM: I don’t know about that.  It seems like you are very happy here.  If you were going to live in the U.S., where would you want to live?  I have plenty of room at my place by the way.

Wanda: Thank you Jerry.  I’ll consider it if I decide to go there.  I always wanted to live in California.

SM: I’ll leave the the bed turned down for you just in case.  Now that you know me and some of the others at CamWithHer, how are Italians different than Americans other than the obvious difference in language?

Wanda: Italians do it better!  Hahaha, I’m joking!  I can’t say too much about this because I don’t know American people.  I hope to know more about Americans with you being here.

SM: Was that a proposal?  Haha!  Just kidding Wanda.

She had finished trying on the outfits and I was finally able to stand so we paid for her lingerie and began walking to our next destination.  She continued to tell me about how wonderful Italy is and how the people are always so kind.  I was definitely becoming a fan of Italy and its greatest citizen, Wanda.

SM: Alright Wanda, I want to learn some Italian slang.  Can you teach me some Italian slang for the naughty parts?

Wanda: “Culetto” is the Italian slang for “booty”, “puppe” means “boobs”, and “pisello” means “cock”.

SM: Well, I love the way you are shaking that “culetto”.  Haha.  Tell me about what you do in your spare time.

Wanda: Visit museums and art galleries and go shopping, of course!

The rest of the morning was spent looking at shoes, handbags and more lingerie.  After a little whining, I was able to convince Wanda to go eat.  We went to a small restaurant in downtown Venice.  We each ordered a croissant and a cappuccino. I felt so European.

SM: Since we’re finally eating, I should probably ask, are you a good cook?

Wanda: I’m a good cook.  I like to cook Italian food; lasagna, arrosto (a kind of meat) and tiramisu.

SM: I will say yes to lasagna and we will see about the other two.  Maybe we can go to another restaurant later this evening so I can try some tiramisu.  I’ll let you have the pick of the menu. What would you like to eat?

Wanda: Lasagna, fish, ice cream, and Chinese food.

SM: Now those I know I can eat!  I have to say Wanda, you look incredible.  What do you do to keep your body looking so good?

Wanda: Wow, thank you.  I don’t do anything.  I don’t work out.  Just eat like a pig.

SM: I don’t believe for a second that you eat like a pig!  What junk food do you eat?

Wanda: Believe me!  Haha, I eat a lot of pizza, burgers (I love McDonalds), coke, and hot dogs.

SM: I know so many women that would hate you for saying that.  Again, you look amazing.  If you could, what one thing would you want to change about yourself?

Wanda: My lifestyle and the color of my eyes.

SM: I know you said you wanted a quiet life so I can understand the lifestyle answer, but your eyes?  I love your eyes.  They are so sensual.  What do you want to change about your eyes?

Wanda: Thank you.  I want to change the color.  Mine are light brown.  I would like light green eyes.

SM: I’ve always loved women with brown eyes… and blue eyes… and green eyes…haha!  Let’s talk about your younger years and high school. What were you like in high school?

Wanda: I didn’t like to study so much haha.  I liked to go to school to have fun.  I liked history and art.

SM: What about the guys?  I’m sure they all had crushes on you.

Wanda: Not the ones that really interested me haha.

SM: Fair enough.  Let’s say that I asked you out.  What would you want to do?  I’m am so easy by the way.

Wanda: Go to dinner in a good Italian restaurant and then .. I’ll let you know when we are there.

SM: Oh you tease!  Well, after I take you out to dinner, then we are going to a club.  Do you dance when you go to the club?

Wanda: Yes.

SM: Are you a good dancer?

Wanda: Haha!  NO!  I’m not a good dancer.  I like to dance, but I’m not good.

SM: That is another thing that I can not believe!  I have seen your member chats.  You can definitely dance!  Let’s talk about the sensual side of Wanda.  What do you find attractive in a man or woman?

Wanda: In a man, his hands, lips and intelligence.  In a girl, face, big boobs, nice hips and legs.

SM: I’m your man, Wanda!  I’ve got all of those. Haha.  Let’s say you are with someone you really like.  What would get you in the mood for naughty things?

Wanda: Aahhh, there are some many things.

SM: I’m sure you can give me a couple.

Wanda: Whispers in my ear and soft kisses on my neck.

SM: [sighs and quickly changes subjects] On a scale from 1 – 10, how would you rate your kissing?

Wanda: Do you wanna rate me?  Haha.  This is something you must ask the guys I’ve kissed.  I think a 10+.

SM: [chokes on croissant] First lingerie shopping with you and now you say that.  Thank you for making my day!  Ha ha. I have to know, are you a sex maniac?

Wanda: Ohh yeahhhhhh!  Haha.

SM: Why is it that answer does not surprise me?  Let’s switch gears for a minute and talk about your CamWithHer career.  What inspired you to become a webcam model?

Wanda: I’m doing what I love to do.  The girls here are hot.  I wanted to be a part of this because I love to have fun in front of the camera and meet fun people from all around world.

SM: You do look great in front of the camera.  How about your first time in front of the camera.  What thoughts were running through your head?

Wanda: I was thinking, “Oh my god!  What do I do?  I’m not good for this.  People will not love my show.”

SM: Haha!  I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you were wrong.  Since you have been here for a while now, what do you think it takes to be a good webcam model?

Wanda: Personality, hard working, sexy, nice body and face, be funny, hot and be yourself.

SM: You have all of those things working in your favor! Alright Wanda, we are going to wrap this up so we can do some sight seeing.  Do you have anything that you want to say to your devoted fans?

Wanda: I want to thank my fans for being so sweet with me all the time and it makes my day great.  I like to be spoiled and I love to spoil you!  You make me so naughty!

SM: That was great.  Thank you for a fun morning.  I can’t wait to see what happens tonight!  Did I mention that I was available and that I’ve got….

Wanda can regularly be seen on CamWithHer, NonNudeCams, and ICGirls. Also, members can check out her forum here.

Wanda Favorites

Favorite music? R&B
Favorite movie? Kill Bill 1 & 2
Favorite TV show? It was Beverly Hills 90210
Favorite time of day? The evening
Favorite sport? Team? I am not a fan of sport. I like golf.
Favorite book? The Da Vinci code.
Favorite author? Paolo Cohelo
Favorite magazine? Vogue
Favorite color(s)? Black and pink
Favorite sexual position? Several positions are my favorite. I will say doggy style.
Favorite store to shop? Intimissimi, Yamamay, Victoria’s Secret.
Favorite lingerie? Panties and stockings.

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