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By Cobalt / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I am too sleepy to go on cam but too awake to go to sleep so I thought I would write. I have become involved deeply in the tv show House lately. I love Dr. House because he is a dick and it’s hilarious. I saw an episode the other day where him and Dr. Cuddy started making out and looked like they was gonna banggg…….I almost wet my panties and I don’t even know why. Funny enough my bff took medical classes and knows half the stuff they talk about, I always wondered if that stuff was legit (like real terms and stats and procedures, etc.) and apparently like 98% is. I mean the scenarios are fake and a lot of over exaggerated but the medical terms they use and diseases they talk about are real. Apparently.I wish I knew more medical things. I find it fascinating. But I am also fairly obsessive compulsive so I would obsess on too many intricate details and probably end up in a looney bin, talking to the walls about mitochondrial DNA and why the orange cow in the corner is laughing at me because he doesn’t understand. Yeah. I know. I’m damn special I am. :)Any ways………..I have not been here as much……, yes, again. I’m notorious for my disappearing act. I can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat but I can damn sure pull a ferret out of a hammock and show you how awesome ferrets are. That had absolutely no value to what I say saying before, just thought I’d throw in something clever….about ferrets. Yes, I love ferrets. Any ways, I have been missing in action because I have been working like 60 hours at my regular job for the last couple weeks and it’s absolutely exhausting and I’ve found sleep much more useful than my web cam these days, lol. But tonight I missed being here so badly I came on to say hello 🙂 And I had loads of fun, YAY! I plan on trying to be here more, as much as I can with my crazy schedule. Time for a lesson in nature….”The ‘Cobalt’ model, is quite an elusive creature. She feeds on tasty treats like muffins, and chocolate pudding, and sushi. She likes to sleep because blankys are so nice, and she also works a lot so sleep is good. She loves ferrets, she loves gothic stuffs, and sometimes she bathes with rubber duckies. She can be found in the native lands of the United States. Her species is rare. She likes cake. It has been rumored for many centuries and told at campfires of many different tribes that the Cobalt creature will someday start a metal band and rule the world.”There, you learned something new!
I know, this is so not a sexy blog haha. -Insert cleverly sexual innuendo here-
Well here’s something sexy……I cooked naked the other night 🙂 But that’s not really new, I walk around naked almost all the time. Especially now since it’s warm 🙂
I’ll just end it with that. Yup 🙂
Nice to be back and update my blog, as random and nonsensical as some if it was 🙂
Night night! 😉

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