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another post, because i’m bored


By Tori / 8 years ago / In: College , Entertainment , Free Content



I changed my hair, it’s now longer and lighter. Here’s a few pictures. Do you like it? I’m happy with it :). Maybe I’ll keep it this way for awhile and stop changing it so much.

Terrible news, The Lakers lost tonight! I don’t know what’s up with my men!!! They need to shape up so we can win the finals and Kobe can get his finals MVP award :). We played without spirit, passion, and fire. It was almost like Pau Gasol wasn’t even there tonight. So many mistakes, by everyone! But if the pattern continues, we will win tomorrow :). I think Lakers will win anyway. So onto game 7 we go :(. I still have faith that my team can pull it together, they better! I don’t want to have another upsetting summer. I don’t want to have to listen to Lakers and Kobe haters this summer. Ahhh! I get sad just thinking about it :(.

I registered for summer classes, but I forget what I’m talking (lol). I think I’m taking a business course and a math course. I’d rather just get the math out of the way this summer then have to deal with it for an entire semester. 5 weeks is nothing compared to 16 weeks. Now I’m trying to figure out my fall schedule. I couldn’t take all the classes I wanted for spring because of dumb stuff, so I’ll be taking 18 units for the fall, again! Hopefully, all will work out and I can keep my course load.¬† Since I took so much time off the past year and some odd months, I won’t be taking a break. I’m doing summer term, fall term, winter term, and spring term. It’s cool, I can do it. I don’t like to sleep much anyway. I’m still not sure where I want to transfer, and there’s A LOT that I want to learn. Right now my major is business marketing & fashion merchandising. But I still want to learn graphic design, web design, photography, accounting, advertising, and computer science. Maybe I’ll be a student for the rest of my life. Hahaha. I couldn’t honestly write that and keep a straight face.

If you’ve been keeping in touch with me through my forum, you knew that I went away for a little mini-vacation for Mother’s Day weekend. I spent time with my family that Friday-Sunday, I hadn’t seen them for 2 weeks and they were missing me. They missed my sarcasm and being told what to do all the time, I had to crack the whip ;)! So on Friday, I’m running late and rushing to get to my mom’s. We end up leaving 4 hours AFTER we had intitally planned, so I’m already in a wonderful mood. We sat in traffic for no less than 6 long, grueling hours and I was pooped when we finally got to the hotel. The hotel was somewhat new and very nice, I was pleased with it. Saturday, we ate at a mediocre buffet and lounged by the pool all day. My mom got a little testy when my brother and I told her that we that the buffet was okay. I mean, I personally don’t expect a buffet to be gourment food. I just don’t associate “5-star meal” with “casino buffet”. Am I the only one? And I don’t get why she was being so sensitive about the food, she didn’t make it! The pool was very nice and the weather was perfect. It was warm, sunny, and I couldn’t see one cloud! There was also a nice breeze throughout the entire day so luckily it didn’t get too hot. The pool was heated, the food (expensive) served at the pool was much better than the buffet (I had a teriyaki chicken sandwich with pineapple and a side of fries). Oh, and it seemed like the entire staff¬† was super models!! I was totally perving on everyone behind my Raybans haha.That night, we just went to a family friend’s birthday party. By the time we got there all the food was gone, I had a nasty dessert (I confused some cheese gelatin with coconut flan, fail), and the BBQ tasted weird. I’m such a complainer! Waa waa waa! Sunday was Mother’s Day and I gave my mommy her gifts and all that fun, expected stuff. Wow, this is getting long… Then I picked up a friend from a local university that I hadn’t seen in months and that person joined my family in the days’ festivities. We left for home around 5pm and didn’t get back until 11:30pm. Again, I was pissed. I hate sitting in traffic, unnecessary waste of life.

I’m going to end this with my new pudding video, click here to watch it. I made a deal with one of the forum members that if he made an avatar with Nutella, I would. Well, he took me up on my offer and created a hilarious avatar. But because I fail, I couldn’t find Nutella at the grocery store (I tried 4 different ones), so I made mine with pudding. Poo fingers, oh yeah!

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