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By Violet / 7 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Humor



Alrighty! So after that previous and epic blog I’m gonna keep this one somewhat short n’ sweet. 🙂

Today I took my parents out to breakfast, and I took my Mom out shopping after.  I bought her some new skin care products, and some flowers to plant in her garden.  I think I over drafted my account doing so, but I don’t want her to know that.  I just wanted her to have a nice day.

My parents have been biking a lot lately. This makes me really happy, because I worry about their health as they get older.  There’s a long hilly trail that runs along the highway here.  I’m considering getting myself a bike pretty soon so I can join them once in a while.  The only problem is I know nothing about bikes!  I was probably 10 the last time I got a new mountain bike.  So I guess I’m going to have to start reading up on this stuff.  I don’t need anything fancy, but I definitely need something capable of getting me up hills.  So I guess that means no cute retro Shwinn with a basket for me. Hmmph!

Hehe. Shwinn makes me think of Bozo the clown.

My Sister just returned from an anime convention.  She had plenty of fun things to tell me, but she didn’t take a camera. WTF?!! I wish I would’ve known. I probably would’ve let her take mine. . . except not really, because I’d be too scared she’d break it. lol I’d give her my old old old 2.5 mp Olympus. 😛

She saw furries, and gothic lolita chicks, and cosplay cross dressers. . . oh my! 100 Sailor Moon’s and not one Haruhara Haruko. Booo! : \ There was a Canti though. ^_^ A girl dressed up as Canti, and my Sis said she could tell she put tons of effort into her costume. I wish I could’ve seen it for myself, but I had work to do this weekend.  Next year I’m going with her, and I’m going to take lots of spending money.

Ohhhhhh and my Sister and her friend flooded their hotel room.  I thought that was hilarious. They claim that it was just faulty plumbing, but I personally think one of them dropped a big duece they didn’t wanna claim. lolz They had to change rooms.

So much for short n’ sweet, eh? More like long and smelly. . . like the turd that clogged their toilet.


Like this:

  • Maango

    hahaha long and smelly

    i’d be all proud of that~

  • Violet

    YOU WOULD!!!!!! I bet you make big huge turds Eddie.

  • Maango

    as only the manliest of men can~