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Winner at life.


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , Events , General



LOL.  Okay, maybe just in school.


This time the theme for our end of phase contest in class was  texture, since we just ended the texture phase.  Basically our entry was supposed to be any sort of hair texture…curls, waves, perm etc.  And beyond that it could be anything we wanted.  I guess I should mention that we all started with the same mannequin hairs, dark one color/one length hair.   Of course- we all did our own cut/color/style & makeup/accessories as well, because that’s part of the competition.

Mine won by a landslide, per the school’s students and teacher’s votes, like the last competition we had, kinda embarrassing for me… lol.  I never know what to say except oh thanks or ooh cool thankssss guysss.

I imagine I may sound like I’m a braggart or something buuttt…I put in a lot of work like everyone else in class & mine ended up being awesome, and I enjoy it being recognized. Also, mine’s basically the only one that really even fit the category or looked well done and professional at the end, one teacher even said oh my gosh it’s perfect! hehe. I used to never get any recognition for “doing” anything, because I wasn’t really “doing” anything…creative anyway. So, I’m pretty happy about everything & deserve to brag about being awesome at something I really enjoy and have a good skill/eye/creativity for, y’know?!>_>

I was kinda shocked that I won, because I ended up sleeping through my alarm and turning it off.  I’m supposed to be up at 7am to get there on time and I got up at like 9:45, raced to school with my food for the class for today (end of phase/graduating to next phase celebration as well as competition) and didn’t get to grab anything I had planned to bring to do it’s makeup or put in it’s hair…

By the time I got there everyone was well into finishing theirs so I had to rush butttt it was ok because I knew exactly what I wanted to do…so I just hurried up and did it all.  Then found some crap in my purse/around the classroom to apply makeup and add to her hair (like the bow made out of foil lol).

Anywho- here’s mine, and the 2nd and 3rd place entries 🙂


2nd place winner front & back view:

And 3rd place winner- the theme for this one was flames:

I have pics of all of the entries posted in a thread in my personal cwh forum, if you really would like to see them. hehe.

I’ve gotta go shower, eat and then call my mom to see what she wants to do today for mother’s day. So far she suggested seeing wolverine, which I already saw. I’m going to suggest we see obsessed instead, because I think she’d like it and her husband is a wuss and won’t watch movies like that lol…so she could go with me to see that one.

xox-mee 🙂

Like this:

  • Maango

    If I were you I’d be all like “Yeah, I knew I was gonna win but thanks for making it official”. Then I’d just walk away all confident like.

  • Yeah and then everyone would hate me lol.

    I don’t talk much anyway since usually the girls talk about dense things…or spout off superrrr effing ignorant thoughts/ideas/opinions. One thinks it’s funny to go in public on the L train and say shit like “eww smells like poor people gross” effing stupid bitches lol. Whatever. I know how it is to be poor and live really poor/shitty unlike them so…it does offend me. That’s ok though, obviously I’m better and have more life experience and actually care to do well in things. hmph.