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Just a little Catch up


By Sica / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Well I had my one year anniversary with my boyfriend last Friday, and some of you have came in and saw me working on the presents and stuff.

Well he loved the album I made him, and the ipod of course he loved.

He got me the zebra bikini, navy lace VS thongs, a pink satin VS Robe, a black VS miracle bra, a replacement pink zebra tanktop incase anything happens to the one i have, and a pink playboy bunny handbag, blue tank top, wifebeater, and a red strapless shirt.

We went to see Wolverine, which is really good btw, and we had fun, went to the beach and hung out, I made him steak and mashed potatoes and gravy and macaroni and cheese and corn, and I made some spinach chicken florentine it was so good. I also had some drinks that made me feel pretty good, lol.

Then we had really really really good sex all night.
I miss having the house to ourselves all the time. 🙁

But anyways, it was a lovely day! I was going to compile a video and then realized I would just tell you what I got and post pictures of me dressed up! I think now I should have worn my hair straight, but my boyfriend wanted it curly so I did it curly.

You all noticed I got lots of new clothes and stuff, so I hope you all enjoy it!
I recently had to take Sparta to the vet and damn it’s expensive to take cats to the vet…they also told me my cat might get lukemia or aids…..hmmm….
wary on that one.

anyways, here are the pictures! 🙂





















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  • Violet

    I envy your legs! They’re perfect. <3