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Getting Laid


By Katrina Taylor / 7 years ago / In: General , Updates ,

Katrina Taylor

Katrina Taylor

Hey there guys! I just had the lamest weekend of all times. I met up with some friends that I haven’t seen nor hung out with in a while and of all things I run into a guy that I used to date 4 years ago. We met at a stripclub that I was working at and we had a pretty good connection at that time and would see each other every week. He was really my first ”older guy” experience but he was definately fit and in shape for his age and smokin hot! So anyway, we had a few drinks and shot the shit over whats been going on in one anothers lives. He has since then had a little girl, been engaged, keyword ”been” which means he is now single, which was actually music to my ears cause I after a few drinks and some dancing I wanted to rekindle the flame and get naughty. So we go back to his place to ”watch some movies” and ended up kissing and getting intimate. I go into the bathroom to get all dolled and freshened up, then come out the door all sexy and seductive ready to get turned out. After some more kissing and fooling around it gets to the good part where he pulls his cock out and all of a sudden I start noticing something….his cock wasnt 8”inches anymore. It was more like 5! I took my hand and felt it and come to find out that he couldnt get fully hard. I mean this dudes cock was so soft he couldnt even keep a condom on it! Ugh! I was so pissed! Come to find out he revealed to me that he did a couple of lines at the bar and thats the blame for his 5inchness! I was so fucking pissed! I just knew I was going to get some good sex but instead I had to settle for some ”high schooled” oral sex! Crap, the shit us women have to go through just to get off! Man O’ Man! I guess its back to my ”at home” toy store. Seems like thats the only thing keeping me satisfied if you know what I mean! Stop by to see me play with my toys at
If Im not around, leave me a message!

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  • Ling

    Wtf Oh hell no!! Haha

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    Wtf Oh hell no!! Haha

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