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KellySunshine is One Naughty Dancing Machine


By STeeLeRMaN / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,



From dancing the night away to cooking casseroles and cupcakes, our KellySunshine has got her dance card filled.  She has been a NonNudeCam model since October and making our members’ jaws drop ever since.  Her beautiful golden blond hair and delicious curves are definitely reason enough to stand in line for a VIP.  I took Kelly to a local club to discuss her hopes, dreams, hobbies and her insatiable naughty side.

SM: Kelly, thanks for rearranging your schedule to come talk to me. I’ve got to say, you look beautiful tonight.

Kelly: What?!!

SM: [raising my voice] I said thanks for coming and you look beautiful tonight!

Kelly: Oh, thanks.

SM: This place is pretty loud, but I think we can get through this. Let’s find out about the real KellySunshine.  Are you going to school?  If so, what are you studying?

Kelly: Yes, right now I am studying business.  It’s pretty boring though.  I am more of a hands-on type of person and learn much better when I can actually get out and experience things, rather than just memorize and repeat things from a textbook.  I’m going to try to take more exciting classes next semester.

SM: I’m sure you could do a lot with a business degree.  I’m curious, what dreams are going through that pretty head of yours?

Kelly: I want to open an arcade/cafe/music venue someday.  I’ve got it all planned out.  I have so many ideas for businesses I can’t even keep up with them myself!

SM: Sounds interesting.  If you ever need a guy who writes about webcam models, let me know.  Anyway, let’s say your business becomes a huge success.  You’ve got a private jet available at all times.  Where do you want to go and who do you want to bring with you?  Just so you know, I can always make myself available.

Kelly: Everywhere!  I want to immerse myself in different cultures and see the world through other people’s eyes…where they live, what they do for fun, what they eat, how they interact… It’s all so fascinating to me.  I’m determined to make it everywhere I can on this planet and I’d bring with me anyone who has a positive attitude and an open mind.

SM: You can do it Kelly!  I know you can.  Can I order you another drink?  What were you drinking again?

Kelly: I’ll have another Captain & Coke, although I do like Vodka & Red Bull or just water.

I track down a waitress and order Kelly all three.  I turn to see Kelly moving in her seat to the music.  She’s really getting into it.  I turn to her and ask her a question that I think I already know her answer.

SM: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Kelly: DANCE!  It’s my favorite thing ever.

SM: I’ll hit the floor with you when were done.  I’ll have to show you my cabbage patch.  What else do you like to do?

Kelly: Cooking, hanging out with friends, making and listening to music, playing with my dogs, sewing, being outside, longboarding, grilling, partying…

SM: Wow!  You have some pretty diverse interests.  You should have seen me on a longboard.  I remember one time back when I was 12, I could…

The waitress comes to the table with Kelly’s drinks.

SM: I can’t believe they’re charging me for water!  Okay, now where were we?

Kelly: Next question, please.

SM: [going through my list of questions] School….dreams…oh, here we are.  You mentioned that you like to cook.  If you had to make a dish for a small group, what are you cooking?

Kelly: I make this awesome casserole with chicken, rice, onions, broccoli and cheese.  I also add hot sauce to the rice, but that’s just because I’m addicted to spicy food.  MMMMM it’s so good, I could eat a whole dish to myself, ha-ha.

SM: That does sound delicious.  Call me when you make it again.  We know you can cook, but what do you like to eat?

Kelly: Everything!  If eating was a sport, I’d be a CHAMP!  The only food I don’t like is celery.  I love American food like burgers, fries and all that junk food, SOUP, Vietnamese, Italian, etc… and every dessert imaginable.  If you ever want someone to make you some sweet cupcakes, I’m your girl.

SM: Yes you are.  Since you’re eating all of this food, are you a girl who goes to the gym all of the time or does food just magically dissolve from your gorgeous frame?

Kelly: I don’t really work out, even though I should.  I dance constantly though and for hours when I go out on the weekends.  I love to dance!

SM: There we are with that dance theme again.  You must really have some crazy nights.  Can you describe one of your craziest nights?

Kelly: Oh boy, I’ve had a few of those.  I don’t know if they are appropriate to talk about on here, hehe.   Let’s just say, 4 girls + 1 shower = lots of sexy fun.

SM: WAITRESS!  Can I get some shots over here?  Quickly?!  Please!  I’m sorry Kelly.  I just got a little stiff…umm I mean thirsty.

I wait for the waitress to return with a few shots.  I pound them down one after another to calm my “thirst”.

SM: Alright…so, what gets Kelly in the mood?

Kelly: I’m always in the mood, especially if I’ve been drinking.

SM: WAITRESS!  I need another round of shots.  Wait a second, better make that two rounds and then just keep ’em coming.  Okay Kelly, I have to ask, are you a super-freak in bed?

Kelly: Hell yeah, I love to try new things.  I aim to please… and be pleased.


The waitress finally comes with a tray of shots and plops it on the table.  She leaves giving us an evil glare.

SM: Drink up Kelly.  I think she’ll be bringing the bottles over shortly.  So you are a super-freak in bed.  What turns a nice girl like you into a sexual dynamo?

Kelly: I’ve always been super horny, that’s just me!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m super sweet though.

SM: I love you.  I realllllly do.  Let’s say you’re filling out an application to a dating site.  You’re filling in the section describing yourself.  How would you describe yourself and do you even need it?  In other words, are you single?

Kelly: The only reason I’d be on a dating site is to pick up CHICKS!  lol.  As for describing myself, I’m down to earth, cuddly, affectionate, fun loving, compassionate, adventurous, and a FREAK IN BED!!!  Hahahaha.

SM: Oh god.  Cheers Kelly.

The night continued as I asked Kelly questions about her life and I continued to drink my well deserved shots.  I learned that she is truly a kid at heart and a girly girl.  She opened up as she explained her fear of being kidnapped so she never goes anywhere alone.  She also told me about her two dogs that she loves to death.  I learned that Kelly is not shy and that she loves to sing.  Kelly also informed me that along with dancing, she has an incredible hunger for everything related to house music.

SM: Ooookay Kelly, you’ve been camming for around six months now, what brought you to CamWithHer and made you think, “Maybe I should be a camgirl?”

Kelly: I’m a total exhibitionist so I was pretty excited when I realized I could actually get paid for showing off and being naughty!  I feel at home here.

SM: You bet your tookis!  Cheers.  [we both take another shot] What are some of your most memorable moments over the time that you’ve been here?

Kelly: I liked when the cam2cam feature came out.  I enjoy being able to play and interact with CamWithHer members.  It’s a lot of fun.

SM: We’re almost done here then we can booooooogay!!!  Woooo!  How would you describe your first p-chat?

Kelly: Oh boy.  I was nervous, but excited because I’d never done any sort of cam show before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I just tried to relax and put on a big smile and did my thing.  It came pretty naturally and I got the hang of it quickly.

SM: Of course you did!  What are some of the strangest requests that you have received in p-chats?

Kelly: Haha!  Things that I wouldn’t even consider doing ’cause they’re icky and umm, illegal?!!  Yikes.

SM: Icky…ha ha…OOOh I’ve got a good question for you.  If you could talk to yourself when you first started here, what words of advice would you give yourself?

Kelly: Relax, be yourself, keep an open mind and be super sweet to everyone.

SM: Good words of advice.  Who are some of the NNC/CWH ladies that you are close with?

Kelly: I love me some Ginger!

SM: Gingerrr…yummy.  Hey, where’d all of the shots go.  Here shot, shot, shot… Alright, last question and we’re bustin’ a move.  Do you have anything that you want to say to your adoring fans?

Kelly: You’re adorable and fun and I love getting to know you all more and more!  Mwahhhh!

SM: Right back at ya Kelly.  Thanks for the interview babe.  Well, let’s get that gorgeous booty out of your seat and let’s go shake it.  [We both stand up]  Hey who started the merry-go-round… <thump>

Kelly: Are you alright?!  Do you need help off the floor?

SM: I’m okayyyy.  Just leave me here for a while.  Hey look a quarter…

Quick HittersOnce I awoke and annulled my marriage to the bag lady outside of the club, I noticed Kelly had written some answers to some questions I had forgotten about. Here they are:

Favorite music: I’m addicted to house music!  Especially any track from the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Favorite movie: That’s always a tough one.  Just for fun I’m gonna say SPICE WORLD!  You know, the Spice Girls movie?  They are all soo hot!

Favorite TV show: Xavier Renegade Angel and Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!  I love weird hilarious shit.

Favorite color: PINK!  Almost everything I buy is pink, I’m such a girl.

Favorite book/magazine/author: Deepak Chopra is pretty awesome.

Throw on a hat to go to the store or spend an hour in the bathroom getting ready: Haha not gonna lie, I take a long time to get ready.

Kelly Sunshine can regularly can be seen on NonNudeCams, NudeAdultCams and ICGirls.

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