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Delilah– Beauty, Brains, and Tough


By SteveS813 / 8 years ago / In: News ,



I recently had a chance to talk to the lovely Delilah at the Johnny Hung-Lik-Mi Kung Fu Studio where she just finished one of her sessions.

After coming over to introduce herself, she sits down still with some sweat dripping from her nose. I offer a towel that was laying there, but instead she wipes her nose on my shirt (which I will never wash again by the way).

Ok, let’s begin….
Steve: Have you ever used your kung fu skills to fight off a boy who has gotten too frisky?
Delilah: Yes, a few times actually. Once with a drunk guy who was like 6’4″ and 200 lbs. Good thing my style of kung fu is made to work on skill and not muscle. I’ve also used it a few times this year on the freshmen boys in my dorm. It was hilarious, but they need to learn to respect my personal space. I had one guy on the floor and the other by his thumb yelling that I was breaking it or something (what a pussy) haha! It must have worked because they haven’t messed with me since, and no I didn’t break his thumb.

Puts hands in pockets so thumbs aren’t near Delilah to be grabbed.

Steve: So, what do you wear under that outfit?
Delilah: Well, here let me show you as she unties the knot to reveal a somewhat sweaty grey sports bra and what appears to be a black thong…….. GULP!!

Once my breath returns I continue with the questions.
Steve: How did you become a model here at CWH?
Delilah: It actually started as a joke. I sent some kind of revealing Halloween pics of me to a friend back home and he kept joking that could make money online by starting my own site. I got to thinking heyyy that’s not a bad idea! I needed a job with flexible hours around my school schedule so here I am. Needless to say the friend still doesn’t know I do this and he still jokes with me about it.

Steve: About school, what made you decide to want to become a doctor and I saw somewhere you want to practice in Africa?
Delilah: Well, I’ve always been interested in helping people and science so it seemed like a natural fit. Not to mention the human body is a crazy and amazing thing so who wouldn’t want to learn about it? I also want a job with a lot of variety and challenges. I don’t want to do the same thing everyday. I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa and seeing as so many parts have such a need for good medical care I would love to contribute. Also, they have some amazing wildlife I would love to be able to see.

Steve: You are an animal lover like so many girls around here, especially horses, but are there other animals you love?
Delilah: Well, I have worked at a vet hospital, a kennel, and wildlife museum so I like em all! Especially snakes, I wish I could get a ball python which I’d name Molly! haha, my mom hates snakes so she would shit a brick!

Well, your mom isn’t alone there!

Steve: With your busy schedule how do you find time to grace us with your presence?
Delilah: I know I am busy all the time. I study, cam, do kung fu, and eat. Oh! I sleep a bit too! haha. But, I love it and I wouldn’t change a thing. I have a few other jobs but those are when I go home for break so if I’m not around on weekends that’s probably where I am. I teach horseback riding lessons to kids and work at a dog kennel. I also train horses for people (usually rehabbing racehorses). I also housesit. Hey! college is expensive!

Steve: Since you are kind of a nerdy one you’d fit right in on the tv show The Big Bang Theory (ever heard of it)? Also, would you be interested in doing tv or magazine stuff?
Delilah: I’ve never heard of that show! I’m more of an NCIS and Criminal Minds type of girl. Oh! and Sharks hockey games of course. Devin Setiguchi *very naughty daydream*…. Oh, did you say something? Oh yeah, tv and magazines, I guess it would depend on what it is of course. I’m not going to show it all as that’s not my style. I could see doing something, but for now I’ll stick to the cams.

Hmmm…. you and I have some stuff in common with tv and hockey 🙂

Steve: So, if I were to take you on a date (assuming you said yes) where would we go?
Delilah: Horseback riding please! Hopefully through the forest and maybe we’d run into some fallen trees we could jump! I’m addicted to jumping while riding horseback.

Steve: What kind of foods do you like?
Delilah: OMG! Cheese bread! I love it!! You get some good sourdough bread and slice it and put butter and some parmesan cheese and broil it until the cheese is golden brown. YUMMMMMMM!

Steve: Who are some other girls you admire?
Delilah: I would have to say Violet because she’s so outspoken and that’s a lot like me. Also, Dahlia because she’s pre-med too and she seems to handle it all so gracefully and do so well, it seems effortless for her.

Steve: Where would you like to be in 5 years?
Delilah: Hopefully done with my internship at a hospital and in a big city! I’d love to be in Seattle or New York, those are both amazing cities that I’d love to live someday. Hopefully I’ll also have a doggie or a kitty. I can’t imagine life without animals. I would be sad, *tear*.

Steve: What will life be like after CWH for you?
Delilah: I have no idea. I’m having such a great time here that I’m trying to live in the moment and enjoy what I have now. Maybe I’ll just cam until I’m super old and wrinkly. LOL! I can see the ad now “Come cam with the sexiest grandmas on the internet! Wheelchair accessible!

And Finally!
Steve: I brought a magic lamp with me and after rubbing it *wink* am giving you 3 wishes, what would they be?
Delilah: 1. I wish I could buy a house for my mom and get her a cool red hybrid sport utility vehicle with space for our chocolate lab.
2. I would love to be able to get out of school without loans!
3. I wish I had a photographic memory.

Thank you for your time today!
Delilah: It was my pleasure!
We stand and I offer my hand for a handshake, but she goes, “Oh what the heck” and gives me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

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