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By Ling / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Cute-o! Thats me! ^_^ Hehe
So hows erryone doin’?!! Ah good ol Saturday, no studying, clear skies, sun shining…ahh beautiful! So I am doing housework and yardwork this weekend. Just mowed the lawn, patched up a broken fence and will wash my car in a few. I love doing manly stuff hehe and feeling like a man. HAHA seriously though. Using saws, power drills, hammers and stuff like that makes me feel real good! Cause you know theres not always gonna be a guy around to do this stuff for me so might as well learn it right? RIGHT!
What else can I do to feel like a man? Think about sex 24/7, stroke my cock? Yeah I already do both of those. Hehe. Well of course its my fake strapon cock. I do thikn that if I were to have a cock it would be much bigger and thicker and more veiny. Also it would have a very high curvature. Why? I dunno I just KNOW my cock would be like that. Then Ill slip it in, slide it in and go round and round and when I stop nobody knows….

Scared yet? Dont be. Just get ready to get taken advantage of. Do I make sense? No. Do I ever? Hardly. Why? Stop asking questions.

Have a good weekend everyone. Let the sun shine on you all 🙂

Like this:

  • ragu


  • Delilah

    I’m with ya on the manly stuff 🙂 I’m moving and we had an old sheet metal shed out back, felt awesome to tear it down! Power tools and a sledge hammer? GIMME!

  • Ling

    your face is curvature..genic

  • Ling

    Sledge hammers are so cool
    Now I need a tool belt 😛