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Hayden – She bites… hard!


By Andy / 8 years ago / In: News ,




Gentlemen, watch your necks. This girl bites!

Meet Hayden and read about how she once got a lapdance from another camgirl, her naughty piercings and how she lusts for guys with fangs.


Andy: Hey Hayden. Thanks for doing this interview – let’s start with the basics. How old are you?

Hayden: 21, finally!

Andy: How would you describe yourself as a person?

Hayden: I am shy at first, creative, friendly, and a bit crazy sometimes.

Andy: What would you say is your best physical feature?

Hayden: My legs. They are so muscular from being in ballet as a little girl.

Andy: Besides working on CamWithHer what do you do – studying/working?

Hayden: I am a FT Student as well as being on here. I am studying to be a journalist.

Andy: Cool! So what does Hayden do on her spare time?

Hayden: I love to go out with my friends, go on vacations, shop, be on CWH, read a good book, go to concerts, and being outside.

Andy: You seem to be extremely family orientated. Why is that do you think, and do you want to have a family of your own when the time is right? (kids, husband, dog and all that)

Hayden: I have been through some situations with my family that made me realize I never know how much longer I have with them. so I need to cherish the time spent with them. I plan on getting married for sure eventually, and I am still debating about children. When the time comes, we’ll see.

Andy: What makes you stand out in the crowd?

Hayden: I easily relate to people, and I do not act high maintenance, which is rare where I live haha.

Andy: How long have you been on CWH?

Hayden: I have been on CWH for a little over a year. Woot!

Andy: Tell us what got you interested in camming and how did you find CamWithHer?

Hayden: Back when I was like 16 (when this site had pretty much just started), and I used to do all the rating sites and the CWH girls would all be on the sites as well. They were all so gorgeous and so sweet, so I was like I wanna be one of those girls! Not even kidding.When I had turned 18 I went to my favorite strip club, and an old camgirl was there working and I got an AMAZING lapdance from her, so it reminded me to check out the website again.

Andy: What would you say are your favorite parts of being a model on CWH?

Hayden: I get to meet a lot of different people that I never would of met in my life. The girls, staff, and customers here are all great.

Andy: What’s the funniest or most memorable thing that has happened during your web cam career?

Hayden: I was doing one of my very first member chats. and a customer watching asked me to touch my toes.. so I went to do it and I totally fell in front of all these people watching. It was hilarious.

Andy: Aww, I must have missed that. So are there any places you would love to travel to? Any favourite destinations?

Hayden: Greece! I have never been outside the US, but Hawaii, California, and Vegas are definitely up there on favorite destinations.

Andy: Nice choices, I could definately recommend Greece. So when you
re out do you drink? If yes, what do you usually drink when you’re out?

Hayden: Now that I am 21 I do, I was a good girl before! I love spiced rum, vodka, and jagermeister bombers. I’m not a big fan of beer at all, but if I had to choose it would be Coors Light.

Andy: You’ve said that you have a hidden piercing most people don’t know about. We’re all curious about where it is, how it feels – and did it hurt?

Hayden: I have one of my nipples pierced. I used to have both pierced, but I took them out. I have gotten them pierced once before, and it wasnt that bad.. then I got bored and took them out. Then I decided to go get them pierced again and it was one of the worst pains ever. After I get bored with this one, no more piercings for me haha.

Andy: You’ve also said that Vampires turn you on. You ever had any Vampire encounters (or wish you had)? Oh and please tell us if you have any fantasies involving Vampires.

Hayden: I wish I had. I love love LOVE being bit, and scratched. I would love if I had like two vampires, a girl and a guy. I would be strapped down. They would take complete control over me as they bite me, and do whatever they want to me. You’re getting me all hot and bothered with these questions Andy!

Andy: What do you look for in a man?

Hayden: I like a man who can make me laugh, hard working, confident, is going somewhere in his life, and loves me uncontrolably. Oh and he has to listen to metal! I need me a funny metal-head.

Andy: Describe your perfect date.

Hayden: My perfect date would be taking lunch out in the desert, riding quads, going four-wheeling, and whatever else we can do in the sun.

Andy: You’ve described yourself as a nymphomaniac. How often would a guy have to “report for duty” between the sheets to keep Hayden happy?

Hayden: Every day please, and I would love if I could have it morning and night.

Andy: And finally; where can we find Hayden on cam?

Hayden:,, and

Andy: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview and letting us learn more about you!

No interviewers were bitten during this interview.

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