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By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So I eviscerated a cat yesterday. No I am not cruel or a future serial killer…yet. 😛 The cat has been way dead just chilling in the drawer of my anatomy class. We started learning the digestive system so we rolled out our old, now not-so-furry, and seemingly fermented, friend and eviscerated it. Well I mostly did it since Im sick in da head like that. It made me thikn of lil smokies. You know those lil sausages. Mmm mmm. I sliced open the stomach and there was so much hair in there. I also cut open the small intestines and saw ground up meow mix (or something similar of course :P). You know what else I did? I couldnt resist – I had to cut up the colon. Hmm wonder what could be in the colon?! Hmm….yes poop and lots of it! Poop with hair! Hairy furry poop. Damn those cats eating up hair and licking their fur too damn much. I pulled the poop out and it reeked of sh!t. Um no sh!t, sh!t is gonna reek of sh!t. Yeah I dont like typing cuss words. Fck that I cannot type them. 😀
Now when I look at my cats I cannot help but think of their innards, the sweet, yet salty entrails. Goes great with sriracha.
K back on topic – dead cat. It is sad that it didnt even get to have one last sh!t before it got offed.

Can you imagine dying without being able to drop the stinky kids off in the pool?!! 🙁 Usualy I drop off like 2 stinky kids and then maybe later Ill drop off an extra leg of theirs or something. Sometimes they are stubborn and dont want to be dropped off and then Im stuck carrying them wherever I go and it is such a burden. Then halfway to school or work, OHHH guess what they decide they actually do want to be dropped off! And they get a lil demanding! Hmpphh the nerve!! They are like “I want out NOW!” And Im like
“Fuuuuuu— Now you tell me?! I was just at he pool for Christ’s sake!!!” Grr damn kids I tell ya. Better think twice before you want to become a parent. 🙂 But ahh does it feel great to get rid of those stinky darn kids!! 😉

Hmm these paragraphs dont even make sense. Ah wells.

Thats all folks. Yes Im messed 😉 just for today tho, I promise <3

Like this:

  • Delilah

    Hehe, I did kitty dissections. they’re wicked. We got to dissect a mountain lion too, hehe REALLY big kitty. Meow?

  • Ling

    Ooh sweet! I wanna dissect one too! Also one of the cats was pregnant – 4 kitties inside!

  • EvCa9

    He Ling…. cats are not bad to dissect.. they look rather freakish, all off white and smelly..
    Wait till cadavers..then talk to me…. i have some tricks for you to impress and scare your colleagues

  • Ling

    They are still cute when laying on the dissecting table 🙂

  • Delilah

    Meow? 🙂 got to dissect a deer at full term pregnancy with twins! Are you a bio major? Or you just really like dissecting? :p

  • Ling

    I really like dissecting! Hehe
    Im going on to nursing school 😉
    But I would like to be a medical examiner hehe
    Autopsies ooh!!