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stuffy stuffs and stuffthings. Yes.


By Cobalt / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Apparently, I am quite terrible at making blog titles. Either that, or I am a genius. One or the other. 🙂
Today is a lazy day for me, and gosh have I needed it. I am going to take a nice hot shower, load my lay-z-boy couch up with an obscene amount of pillows, and watch re-runs of Law & Order until I’m hungry…then I’m going to make some scrumptious din-din…then I’m going to probably watch more Law & Order. Why? Because I can. 🙂
I am hoping at some point to get out of lazy mode and come on cam, but who knows :p
I do what I want :p

I would be on cam 24/7 if I had a laptop. I hate sitting for hours on end, makes me feel like an office slave and that is not why I decided to be a cam girl! I need a laptop so bad so I can take it in my bedroom or lay on my big comfy couch and do shows. I remember when I first started here LMAO I used to drag my nearly 7 foot couch all the way to the other end of my living room and plop it right in front of my computer so Id have something to lay on while I was on cam 🙂

Cuz that’s how I roll 😉

Gosh I do want a laptop. I was thinking I’d do shower time too if I had one 🙂 But then, wouldn’t it get steamy and wet? I mean the laptop sillies! LOL! Me? That was given, haha!
I don’t know how non-nude can do shower shows? I mean soap can cover your parts but really? It gets all washed off, then you’re nakey! I can’t take a shower and cover myself LOL I have to be freeee! I’d have to wear some skimpy bikini or something.
Bath is probably better. I wish I had a huge giant jetted tub. *sigh*
Mine is just standard. Hey, better than no tubbie though, right?
Now this is becoming pointless LOL. I’m rambling. I’m gonna go return to my couch 🙂
I may be on later, so if I am, come say hi!
If not, at least think about me, lol!

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