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Kaylee and Snickers


By STeeLeRMaN / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,



Pet Owner & Pet: Kaylee and Snickers

Breed: Type-B Rat Terrier (Teddy Roosevelt Terrier)

Pet Age: 3 years old

Sex: Male

Coat Color: Black being the dominant color followed by apricot brown and white

Time with Owner: Coming up on two years

All About Snickers

It’s actually kind of sad how Snickers came to me.  My step-dad was at the lake one day fishing and somebody threw him over a bridge into the lake and left him there to die.  My step-dad found him swimming in the middle of the lake, exhausted, and rescued him.  We were expecting an animal because every time somebody leaves to go to the lake, we get a new pet!  Never had we gotten a dog though, only cats.  He brought him home and the poor thing was so traumatized and really just wanted to sleep.  He was extremely cuddly and very quiet.  We had no clue what he was!  We searched breeds left and right all day and all night to try and figure it out so we would have some sort of knowledge on who he is.  Well, we eventually came to find that he’s a rat terrier!  I had never heard of them before, but I had always loved terriers.  Anyway, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about having an inside dog because I’m really allergic to animals, but I have worked up quite a tolerance and I LOVE them.  In fact, my biggest goal is opening up my own animal shelter someday with 100+ dogs right in my backyard.  The next day, I woke up with him cuddling in bed with me under the covers.  It was the cutest, sweetest moment I had ever spent with an animal and we just fell in love right then and there!  He licked me all over my face and cuddled up next me.  There was nothing else I wanted than to keep that dog, but I was trying really hard to not get too attached.  Well, that next week or two we tried everything to find him his home thinking surely they didn’t throw him over though there’s no other way he would have gotten where he did in the water (which had alligators by the way).  Alas, nobody wanted him.  I wanted him!!  I can’t remember when I named him, but I remembered how.  One morning when we were snuggling, I started lifting off all sorts of names, and when I said “Snickers” I got a little bit of a reaction from him.  From that moment on, he became my little Snicker-bug!

Snickers and I love doing all kinds of things together.  I’m his favorite person, and he’s my baby boy.  From the moment he sees me, he always wants to play ball!  So of course, I play ball!  He’s really good at it too, but very intense!!  The best way to know that you’re playing is he’ll start growling at you and if you’re not paying enough attention, he’ll bark.  If that fails, he resorts to picking up the ball and hitting you with it in the leg or putting it in your lap and continuing.  If all else fails, he’ll throw it for himself.  I never make him do that though!!  I’m perfectly happy throwing the ball for him all the time. Another favorite is going on “car rides” to the “park”.  I say it with quotations because he knows these words and gets EXTREMELY excited!  I bought him a car seat for his birthday (among other things) and he loves it because he can see out, he still has his own space, and he can sit, stand, or lay down in it.  I like it because it’s safer and I can drive better that way knowing he’s not wobbling around.  Well, when we go to the park we both make each other run!  We have a ton of fun with it!  It’s a great bonding session for us, and in the near future I plan on enrolling him into agility classes!  YAY!  Sometimes we play hide and seek, where I hide and he comes to find me and sometimes he hides too when he understands.  He LOVES this game, and I’ll chase him afterward.  He has a blast.  It’s always so great to see him happy!!  I bought him some clothes recently (rat terriers need them for winter time) and he BEGS for them even though he hates the process of putting them on and taking them off haha.  He gets really excited about wearing them though, maybe because he knows they’re his.

Snickers is amazingly smart.  It’s incredible how much he learns and how happy he wants to make me.  He can be the perfect little lap dog and at the same time, stand off and give you your space when you need it.  A lot of my best moments with him is when I wake up next to him, sometimes with his head on my pillow facing me and we have our morning love time.  It hasn’t been easy.  When Snickers came to us, he showed signs of abuse and we found out that he’s allergic to fleas.  Another problem is rat terriers are very moody.  They get “grouchy” around bedtime and they get snappy with you.  I love him more than words can describe, so I’m doing everything in my power to deal with all his problems, including separation anxiety!  Ah!  I’m very thankful he’s potty trained, haha.

There are four things Snickers loves:
1. Kaylee
2. Sofa bed (he associates it with me coming home)
3. Fried Chicken
4. Words that begin with a C or K.

Snickers and fried chicken – Oh my goodness! You can’t eat it around him because he LOVES it.  The first time we brought fried chicken home when he was with us, he disappeared for about 30 minutes.  I started roaming the house forever looking for him, until I finally found him in the kitchen STARING at the fried chicken on the counter!!  Now when you watch him, he thinks of ways to try and get that chicken.  He’s very determined.  He even JUMPS up to try and get it.  It is one of the most hilarious things in the world to watch.  Of course, we give him some because that’s just torture, but goodness gracious!

His love for C/K words – It’s very strange, but he seems to like the sounds of those letters!!  Christopher, Cole Slaw and Car Ride are three of his favorite words in the world.  He gets THRILLED.  Sometimes, I tell him he’s “cukoo for coco puffs”!  Haha.  He just runs around and smiles at me then starts up play time.

Snickers is probably one of the best things that have ever happened to me.  I would go crazy without him.  He’s living with my mom right now since I just moved, but come August, he’ll be back with me.  I have some amazingly gorgeous and funny pictures with him, which everybody should totally check out!  I swear he’s a cutie; very addicting personality.  He’s the best little dog I could ask for and he showed me my love for rat terriers.

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