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Hayden @


By Hayden / 7 years ago / In: General ,



Why, elloo!
Hows everyone doing? I am doing ok, just jamming out to some Marilyn Manson you know I love me some of that. So I must confess, I ordered that P90x and I have been slacking. I was doing so well, and then I got sick and havent done it in like a week so I am feeling rather disappointed in myself. I am starting it again this Monday, but I need something to keep me motivated to do so. It’s like I get so busy with everything else, that I don’t make time to work out when I need to. I enjoy the extra energy, looking good, and feeling good. The 3 effects of working out. I am actually considering going into fitness modeling if I can really get my body into good shape, a friend of mine wants to train me to do so. We’ll see how that goes. Again, if you know me you know I love food. Especially if its fried, greasy, and fattening. I am so glad though, school is ALMOST over which will save me so much. I am completely drained and just wanna be done with school, everything is getting harder and harder to do. It’s tough to wake up in the morning these days, I just want it to end. It’s been so beautiful outside, but then I’m stuck inside a classroom, it sucks. Well I hope everyone has a good Easter, I am still not exactly sure what I will be doing for it. But I do know, I will be eating some Cadbury eggs, those things are amazing. LOL.

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