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What men really want?


By Tiffany / 7 years ago / In: General ,



When I get together with my girlfriends for the weekly catch up session, the first question that comes up is “so tell me about your love life???” LOL And I am so guilty of the same things with my friends. I wanna know who they are dating? How did it go? Did he bring flowers? What about wine? Is he tall? What did you wear? What was he wearing? So do you like him? LOL OMG I never ending barrage of questions and relentless answers. It is exhausting. But we are always left wondering what do men really want? Men in general and the men that we are dating? Oh Dating!!!!! What a process that is!!!! All my girlfriends have begged me to start a blog about my dating escapades as I have some of the most entertaining stories. Maybe that will be my next blog. The date in the life of a twenty something girl. LOL Or something along those lines. My stories seem to keep my friends in fits of laughter especially when I drop a bowl of miso soup in my lap or walk into a window that I thought lead to the outside hmmmmmm yes people all sad but true dating horror stories. 🙁

Like this:

  • Svetlana

    Awwwwwww you are too adorable.. I myself know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I think there sould be a book written about my dating life or my life in general, that or a reality show.. I myself have run into a glass screen and almost broke my nose once.. reading this post made me remember that date and giggle… tehe