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White and Nerdyyy


By Kaylee / 8 years ago / In: Events , Free Content , General



Wowza! I haven’t posted in forever. I’m not a completely interesting person, my life is led just like anybody else’s so I don’t have a ton to report. However, I want to get to blogging again because I’ve been away from it far too long! I’ve thought of an idea to keep me coming back, and to hopefully keep you all interested in reading my posts. Now, I don’t know how much of you actually read this thing .. but hopefully a good amount of you do. If not, well, I guess i’ll just be talking to myself here! There’s a few things I wanna cover.

1. I moved.
2. WWE Hall of Fame
3. My idea.

I know, I’m loads of fun. Anywayyyy ..

I moved! I was MIA for a while because of that, but I finally have everything settled and i’ll be staying here for a while. Hopefulllly everything stays okay haha. I’m closer to some of the other girls now and i’m hoping to set up some chats with them. I’ll keep trying, so keep your eyes peeled!

This weekend was the WWE Hall of Fame and I was there! I had such a blast. Either you’re going to think i’m a nerd, or you’ll be jealous. It was seriously amazing though .. I’ve never been to any concerts or anything, so now the only three big events i’ve been to have been Ice Skating, The Grammys, and now the WWE Hall of Fame. Steve Austin got inducted finally!! It was so cool. Afterwards, I went to the hotel that many of them were staying at and had some drinks at the bar with them. I’m completely in love with Ted DiBiase Jr, hah! No really though, I got to see/meet/talk with a lot of them so i’m really happy about that.

Nowww to end this up, and for my idea – i’m going to post a question at the end of all my blogs!! I want you to answer them hehe. If i don’t get any answers, i’ll be sad. 🙁 So make me happyyyy, girls are welcome also!

QOTD: Do you kiss and tell?

Oh, and here’s a p-chat picture for tonight!

Like this:

  • Cobalt

    Oh what the heck, you are soooo lucky!!! I wish I was at the WWE hall of fame ceremony!!! Lucky! 😛
    Stone Cold rules all 🙂

    Awesome blog, thanks for sharing! 🙂


  • Kaylee

    Yayyyy another wrestling fan!! Who’s your favorite?? I do consider myself lucky, it was sooo much fun I definitely recommend going if you can. <333

  • Cobalt

    I love John Cena, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair, HHH, HBK, Kane, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio….been a long time fan of Chris Jericho even since we was in WCW a million years ago but now he’s a heel and I HATE him lol, but I love to hate him, so I guess he counts too.

    And of course, Stone Cold. 🙂

    And most of all, D-GenerationX! Too bad they split up years ago 🙁

    And omg I cried at last years Wrestlemania when Sean Michaels gave Flair sweet chin music….f*cking balled my eyes out, lol. I’m a nerd :p

    PS You’re awesome! 🙂
    <3 Cobalt