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im 23!


By Lizzy / 8 years ago / In: General , P-Chats , Updates



thanks for the b-day wishes everyone! it was good times. on monday night my hubby took me to fiesta mexico where we filled our bellies with mexican yummies. i learned that you have to order mexican food and drinks when you go to a mexican restaraunt, or else it sucks. i also learned that i don’t like tamales. i went home after that and went to bed cuz my belly was so full. yesterday, on my birthday, i had to wake up early because i had a hair appointment that she moved even earlier to 9:30am. i was falling asleep while my color was setting under the steamer. i went right home and wanted to take an hour nap. next thing i know its 5pm and the boy is already home from work! i slept the whole day away. i took a shower and we met up with my parents and sister at hosses. salad bar ftw! also, they don’t serve alcohol there, which is a good thing because i needed a break. i was drunk every night since thursday. anyway, i had chili, cornbread, a salad, nachos, and garlic bread. then a crabcake and mashed potatoes. they sung me a birthday song and gave me free cake to eat with my fro-yo. haha. my parents got me a gps, and my sister got me a little case for the gps, and a top. my fuzzy got me two pairs of plugs (for my ears!), and a necklace. my dad had taken a picture of a sticker on the back of someones car cuz he wanted to know what it was. it was the shocker. most akward conversation you could have with your parents. ever. one of my best birthdays yet!

i took my nipple ring out. : ( it was migrating like woah, and had a keloid. i feel much better now. no more body piercings for me. i’ll stick with tattoos…

my best friend is getting married in july and i am a bridesmaid. were going this weekend to get my dress. im excited, but im not excited to drop that money right now. o well. i need to stop being selfish…

were all getting written up at my job again for not making our sop numbers. i guess three write-ups and they’re going to fire all of us? i better stop being lazy and start camming my little butt off again! sigh. i will be on tomorrow night, but im not sure what time. i have to go out with the hubs family for my father in law’s birthday. yay. i will be on saturday night too…but same deal. im going to get my dress that night, so im not sure what time. i know i suck lately. but i still <3 you guys!

and damn yo, sunday is already easter!

night night.

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