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I’m still here! :)


By Cobalt / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hi all, hope every one is well! I’m writing this blog to just sort of update, rant, and let every one know I’m still around! Been a tough last few weeks for me, had a lot of stressful things happen. First, my bf totaled my car…it was an accident but he hit a guard rail and unfortunately that is what is called “driver at fault” lol. The car was completely totaled. I didn’t have full coverage, just basic coverage, I didn’t have collision coverage so it was a TOTAL LOSS, and I won’t get a check from my insurance company. Next, to top it all off, I only owned the car for 5 weeks…and was still financing it. Yeah. So now I gotta pay $200 a month to a dealer for a car of which is nothing but a huge nasty pile of scrap metal. It was a used car so the dealer waived the mandatory full coverage thing. Lucky for me and awesome to save some $ at the time, but very unlucky later. I also have to pay $200 for a tow fee which is incurring $25 every day I can’t pay it, which is going on 2.5 weeks now, so it’s probably in the high hundreds.
AND to add insult to injury, some @$$hole broke into my f&$#%@ house last week, while I was visiting a very sick friend in the hospital. Ripped me off all my cash. So yeah, I have had the WORST LUCK the last few weeks….and I’m sorry I haven’t been around much!
Which brings me to my next point….
I’m not here all the time, especially as of lately, and it’s mostly because I feel like I shouldn’t be here if I’m not in the right mood or frame of mind…it sounds lame, but I believe it to be true. For example…and before I say this, I am NOT in any way shape or form comparing CWH to stripping but it’s another job in the adult entertainment business so bear with me…if I were a guy going to a strip club, I would not want to get a lap dance from a girl who just looked stressed, tired, miserable, and like she really didn’t want to be there. That would really be a turn off. So I guess the same thing goes for cam…if I am not in the mood, and don’t think I can put on my best show for you…chances are, I won’t even come online. I wouldn’t want you to waste your money on something half ass, you know? And it also reflects on me too.
I want every one who does a show with me to like it, and remember it, and have fun. Not think “Oh man, she wasn’t with it tonight…that wasn’t that great”.
So, to respect all of you, I decline to come online when I am not my 100% best. They say just put your game face on and suck it up, but I am far too real and genuine for that. I can do this to a point if I had a semi bad day but feel like chatting and camming will lift my spirits, but if I am just down and out…I refuse to come online.
Consider that a good thing for you…you will only see me when it’s really worth it 🙂
And that is the respect and courtesy I extend to you 🙂
Because I loves you peoples 😛

Moving on………..I don’t want to write a blog that is completely negative and only talks about my problems…no one wants to hear that for an entire blog! So I want to write about some good things too 🙂

I had a photo shoot the other day for a fetish latex company! YAY! It was fun but man those clothes are so hot and sweaty…I’ve worn latex before, but I don’t recall it being that hot. Maybe it was because last time I had an A/C on, and this time the studio was warm. I love the look of latex. It’s so sexy! Too bad I didn’t get to keep the clothes 🙁 I looked darn good in them!

Vinyl is more my thing though. I like how it’s lined, and seems to get damaged less easy. Like, more tough/durable. And it’s easier to care for, and less expensive. My favorite is “wet look lycra” or “lame lycra” I believe it’s pronounced “Lah-May” not “Lame” as in boring, lol. It looks a bit like latex but it’s much less expensive, a lot less hot and sweaty and sticky, and has a nice metallic effect to it I think. It’s very breathable I also think. And easy to wash.

And I look good in that too 🙂

I also got to see a good friend the other day, it had been a while and it was so nice to hang out with my buddy again! We went out for food, to this awesome all you can eat place, “Fire & Ice”….it’s an awesome restaurant! We had to travel a bit to get there but it was sooo worth it! YUMMYLISCIOUS! I had 3 full plates and even shared a huge 2 person rich chocolate cake with my friend! And stole some of his food too, haha! I eat like a bottomless pit, for real.

Oh I want to go back so bad now! I may be skinny, but I am a fat kid at heart! :p

Also, spring is finally here, and man am I glad! Time to pack up the winter clothes and bust out the sexy tube tops and bikinis! WEEEE! 🙂

And I’ve been cleaning out my closet and house and am very proud of the fact that I’ve stopped being a pack-rat entirely and have learned how to just get rid of things LOL and my house is nicer and neater than ever. YAY 🙂

Okay well, that’s all for now!

And here are some pics, as after reading all that…you deserve some! And I look so evil in one of them lol. I think it’s a good evil though. 😉

Well, thank you loves for listening to (reading) my novel here, haha. I write…a lot. Then again I type like lightning so this probably took me less than 10 mins, lol.

I’ll see you soon! And btw I feel better now so I will be on cam soon and much more!


<3 Cobalt, for ever the optimist 🙂

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