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College Stuff


By Gianna. / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I was very excited to be registering for my summer semester this monday, and I managed to remember to do so.  I got the classes I wanted, but not the schedule unfortunately.  Summer classes have always, for me, been more enjoyable.  I get to take care of the work and hammer it all out, mostly on my own.  The teachers don’t waste time with boring lectures, because there isn’t enough time.  I wish ALL of my semesters could be 6 weeks long.  I would have two master’s degrees by now if that were the case, LOL.  <sigh> One can daydream…

Speaking of degrees, I wish that I could have multiple ones.  It would take some time to achieve that, but it would be great if it didn’t take so long to get one.  I am having trouble deciding on a major in school.  It’s scaring me, because I am running out of options here before my decision has to be made.  I have ALWAYS known what I wanted to do, even though that idea has not always been the same.  I attended college for graphic design and art history.  I was always set on my majors when I declared them.  Now, I feel like I am in limbo, not knowing what direction I am headed.  At least I know I am not wasting my time and money yet, and that the courses I am taking are counting towards something.  Pretty soon, I am going to run out of extra space and elective options.  I don’t really want to take it that far, so I am researching options and trying to decide relatively soon.  Hopefully I will find something I can look forward to doing in the future when I am all grown-up, lol.

In the world of weather, things seem to be cooky all around.  I have not been enjoying the warmer weather as much as I had anticipated.  It’s nice because it brings all of the kiddies out to play, so it’s more fun to have stuff do do and people to hang out with.  I like cooler;s nice to be able to bundle up.  When you get hot, you can only take so much off!  And, while it looks good for a beautiful woman to be naked and all shiny with perspiration, its not the most comfortable feeling, haha!

Oh well, I love spring, and summers never last long.  Pretty soon it will be my favorite season, Fall.  Very pretty time of year.  I am planning a trip to Boston in the fall, I am so excited and can’t wait!

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