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Hello April <3 I love thee


By Nina / 7 years ago / In: General ,



       April is the greatest month ever because it was when I was born ^_^  yay!!! April spoiled me with a lovely cold, sore throat and my period <3 What lovely presents hahah!

       I have been sooo addicted to playing harvest moon, doesnt help that my brother bought me 5 more harvest moon games to keep me busy with 😛 He likes to buy me things that he wants himself, but likes to pertend its for me *snnneeeaakkky*

       Here are some of my early bday gifts:

              Because I was sick, I decided to just order food  lastnight… I wasnt in the mood to cook/wash dishes. I took my dogs out and picked up some pizza and watched hell raiser, it was worse than I thought lol.  I wont say it was horrible… but I expected better :s

              Today I woke up at 6:30am *yay* had a toast, took a bath and began working. Not sure what I will do later on today, Im debating whether to visit my parents tonight or clean?

              My mom’s birthday is on April 19th and so im planing on pertending  I cant see her that night, but I will call and wish her a happy bday and than *surprise* I show up with food and a cake!! Im such a great daughter… I know 🙂

Like this:

  • STeeLeRMaN

    Adding more to your collection…NICE. Sorry to hear about the cold. Drink hot lemonade for your throat. 🙂

    BTW… Hellraiser was good when it first came out. Now, it is pretty cheesy ;p

  • ragu


  • silvia

    My cold is like 90% gone, just the occational sniffles… my immune system is strong like bull!