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The Newest Women of CamWithHer


By STeeLeRMaN / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,





Jessica Klein





The people at CamWithHer sure have been busy over the last few months. They have added seven new faces to the CamWithHer family. Some of the most beautiful women on the net can be seen on CamWithHer and the newest girls will fit the mold perfectly! Fortunately for us, the “newbies” agreed to answer some questions about their personal lives and their CamWithHer experiences in a recent interview.

SM – Hello ladies, I’m glad you could all come here to my ocean-side retreat.  Once we’re done here, I’ve got an itinerary of events we can do until you leave tomorrow.  Feel free to use the pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, tennis court and 9-hole golf course.  What’s mine is yours.

Now, let’s take a minute or two and go around the room to introduce yourselves.  Tell me a little bit about you, your hobbies, and how long you’ve been at CamWithHer.  Let’s start with Maiya.

Maiya – I’m Maiya, been here since February and I love chilling with my people.

Jessica Klein – Hello, I’m Jessica Klein. I have been on CWH since January 31st and absolutely love it! I am from the U.S. and am a born & raised southern belle. I love to play pool & watch horror movies…the more gore the better!

KT So – I’m KT So from the United States. I started mid-February, and I hang out with friends, eat, love cars, and run around naked.

Gretchen – My name is Gretchen. I have been with CamWithHer since December of 2008. My hobbies, at the moment, are going to the gym, camming of course, riding my quad, playing with my two boxers when I get the chance and cooking! I love to cook! I would rather have a home cooked meal than fast food!

Claire – Hi, I’m Claire. I am 20.   I am from the USA. I’ve been on CWH for about a month now.  I am a gymnast and very flexible.

Kika – I live in the US (east coast).  I’ve been on CamWithHer for a little over a month.  My hobbies are photography, modeling, reading, Photoshop, and shopping!

Leah – I’m 19, from the U.S. and have been on CWH since the end of January.

SM – Okay, that was great.  We have everything from a gymnast to a car-buff.  I guess I can start this by explaining how this will work.  I’ll ask a question to the group and then I’ll let you ladies go around the room with your answers.  Sound good?
We’re out on the town and I offer to buy you a drink. What are you ordering?
Maiya – Some water with no ice.Maiya

Jessica Klein – Whiskey straight up or a grateful dead

KT So – Red wine or champagne.

Gretchen – Well, its called Love For Sale, its mandarin vodka, passion fruit liquor and orange juice and pineapple juice…YUM!

Claire – Raspberry Smirnoff

Kika – Jim Beam or Grey Goose.

Leah – Champagne.

SM – Damn!!  I expected you to name some girlie drinks or beer, but whiskey?!  I’m a little scared now!  Speaking of scary…
What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Maiya – I have not yet had a bad experience, lucky me!

Jessica Klein – I threw up in a guy’s Porsche. I had a stomach virus the night before, and well, ya know, drank a bit too much.  Almost a whole bottle of whiskey too much.  It was not pretty.  Good thing he didn’t notice and I didn’t talk to him again. He was a jerk anyways.

KT So – Hmm…it’s interesting because I haven’t been on any bad dates. I guess I’ve been lucky and met some nice guys.

Gretchen – I can’t remember any horrible dates, now that I think of it. I’m not even sure I’ve been on a proper “date”.

Claire – [laughs] This guy I met took me to lunch and told me that him and his ex-girlfriend broke up because she got fat and I’m sitting there thinking, “What the F*#&k.”

Kika – Once I was on a date with a guy and I went back to his apartment to have a drink.  A little while later, I said I had to pee and tried to get up and he blocked my way.  He told me he didn’t want me to go to the bathroom because he thought I was “going to try to escape.”

Leah – Hmm…I’ve never really been on a bad date.  Always been friends with the person before a date so we have fun no matter what.

SM – It sounds like some of you have been through hell while others have been pretty lucky.  You’ll notice that each of you have my phone number and e-mail address printed on the backs of your invitations.  If you ever get bored and want something to do, feel free to dial my digits.  Of course, that all depends on if you’re attached to someone.
Do you have a special someone?

Maiya – Hmm do I?Jessica Klein

Jessica Klein – I have a lot of special somebodies! Whatever do u mean? [plays coy]

KT So – Um yea, my 4 dogs are very special to me, they are my best friends!
My 1st child is a blonde Pomeranian, 2nd is a white pom and she is the princess of my house, and also my 2 cocker spaniels.

Gretchen – Not at the moment, one day I hope……

Claire – I do not.

Kika – I have a few special someones.

Leah – [Laughs] Yeah, I have been dating a certain someone for a long time now.

SM – You ladies…never a straight answer!!  I may have to strap a few of you down to get some answers, but that would be naughty.  Speaking of which…
What gets you in the mood for naughty things?

Maiya – You would love to know the answer to that one wouldn’t you?!  I like being bitten.

Jessica Klein – I like to watch horror movies and sensual kissing…weird combo, but I’m a horror freak and nothing beats a hot and steamy kiss!

KT So – Good food, nice music.

Claire – Soft kisses…

Kika – Whiskey, the way someone smells, and manners.

Leah – Intimacy…back rubs also help.

SM – [clears throat] Just give me a second.  I’m trying to write all of this down for future reference.  Well, now that you’re in the mood…
Where’s the most bizarre place that you have ever had sex?

Maiya – My car (very small car too). [laughs]

Jessica Klein – in a seamstress room at my old job..and we got caught literally with his pants down and my skirt up…[laughs]

KT So – I would be arrested if I told you.  Muhaha!

Claire – On a bench

Kika – In a patch of poison ivy one drunken night.  Ouch.

Leah – In the pool.

SM – You ladies are so naughty!  I LIKE it!  Did I mention I’ve got a pool?  Let’s move away from the sexy for a little bit otherwise I’ll have to take a cold shower.  You all look totally amazing.  I want to find out about how you view yourselves.
If you could change any one thing about you, physically or mentally, what would it be and why?

Maiya – I would love it if my PMS would stop…forever.

Jessica Klein – I wish cellulite didn’t exist.  It’s an evil that cannot be cured.

KT So – I’d love to be more patient.

Gretchen – I’m happy with everything!  I just want to tone up at the gym a bit more.

Claire – Mentally…learn to let stupid shit go and focus on the best things in life.

Kika – I wish I wasn’t shy. I’ve been shy socially my whole life and I just never been able to break out of it.

Leah – There is so much I need to work on like my procrastination! [laughs]

SM – I’m so glad none of you said weight!  By the way, do these pants make my ass look big?  Moving on, you all have amazing figures with great personalities to match.
What three words best describe your personality?

Maiya – Nerdy – I make references to chemistry, Silly – I like to goof around and do stupid crap (I can make myself laugh), and uhhh pretty damn cool.Gretchen

Jessica Klein – random – If you can’t tell from my posts, I’m not going to explain.
blunt – I will always tell you how it is, whether you want to hear it or not.
animal-fanatic – I am a huge animal-activist and work for many local shelters and organizations benefiting animals and their rights!

KT So – Down-to-earth

Gretchen – Sweet, affectionate and wild…

Claire – Random, quirky and emotional

Kika – Shy, flirty, and sarcastic

Leah – Unique, demure, compassionate

SM – I think you could also say fun to be around.  You ladies are doing great.  We’ll have a little extra time to do what you want after we get through this so…
What kind of things do you do in your spare time?

Maiya – Play games, chill with my people and EAT.  Eating brings instant joy, like I took some ecstasy or some “feel-good” drug.

Jessica Klein – Play pool, watch movies, and foster animals.

KT So – I love taking my dogs to the park and just spending time with them, hanging out with my friends, go try out new food place since I love to eat, I also love to travel.

Gretchen – Well, I have a quad and little me got a 450. [laughs] Bad choice at first, but I’m a pro now!  No more ripping my arms off.  I also have 2 boxers that live with my mom that I love to go see and play with.  Other than that, I love to cook!  Greek pasta is my specialty, but now I want to start taking some kind of kick boxing or dance classes.

Claire – Hang out with my girls, do gymnastics and go to parties

Kika – I work two other jobs as a photographer and a graphic designer which I enjoy a lot. Between my three jobs, I keep pretty busy.

Leah – Travel, read, watch movies, day dream, go out with friends, anything fun!

SM – I guess you ladies know how to keep busy.  Now, let’s say you’re driving down the road on a warm, summer night.  The windows are down.  The wind is blowing through your hair and the music is pumping…
What music are you playing?

Maiya – Some drum-n-bass or some music with awesome beats or Sade if I have her songs with me.Claire

Jessica Klein – Bob Marley always makes me happy, although metal is my favorite music.

KT So – Alternative.

Gretchen – Well, it would probably be some sort of rock music.  Nothing too heavy though.  Something to enjoy a nice fun night and get you in a pumped up mood.

Claire – Augustana and the Afters.

Kika – I don’t drive!

Leah – I’m into so much different stuff.  Right now, I’m listening to Black Moth Super Rainbow, so I’ll just go with them.

SM – Okay, now that we know a little bit about you, let’s find out about your aspirations…
What do you want to accomplish in the next five years?

Maiya – Immortality.

Jessica Klein – I am hoping to hop back in the real estate game…let’s cross our fingers for an improving economy!

KT So – I’m never a planner, more like a live one day at a time type of girl.

Gretchen – Wow!  Five years?  Hmm…well, buy a house, get a new car, be in the best shape possible and last, but not least, be happy as possible!

Claire – Get of out debt, get into graduate school, find a nice man, and be happy.

Kika – I’d like to have my own home and have more of my photography published.

Leah – So much.  I can’t even begin…

SM – I was looking for a sugar mama and now I know who to go to.  Let’s move the discussion to your new gig, CamWithHer…
What brought you to CamWithHer?

Maiya – No, no…what brought CamWithHer to me?  Craig’s List, in a way.  Craig’s List led me to one cam site.  I researched that site and found out about this one.  I love “C-dub-H err.”  I am such a G.Kika

Jessica Klein –Looking for something exciting and I don’t think it’s a wrong thing to capitalize on your looks either!

KT So – My fans had always bugged me about doing webcam chats, so here I am, loving it!

Gretchen – A special someone…

Claire – I know one of the models.

Kika – I was tired of working on trashy cam sites where the staff only views their models as dollar signs.  CamWithHer has a great sense of community and the girls here are treated with respect.

Leah – A combination of things…

SM – Now that you’ve been with CamWithHer for a little bit, I’m sure you’ve gotten to know a few of the other girls…
Who are some of the CamWithHer / Non-Nude Cam girls that you admire/love/worship?

Maiya – Gisele is a hot lady that I admire. Valentina is gorgeous and we have so much in common!  I like others also, but I can’t think of any at the top of my head.

Jessica Klein – I think everyone knows I have a crush on Kyra right now.  She is so hot and has a wonderful personality.  She is also a huge animal lover which is a turn on for me.  All of the girls have something different to offer though.  I haven’t found one I didn’t like!

KT So – I think all the models on CamWithHer community are very supportive.  I love how it’s drama free and everyone’s nice to each other.

Claire – I don’t know many of them yet, but I can’t wait to get to know everyone.  It seems like a great place!

Kika – I love Countess because she’s equal parts beauty and brains.  I love that her mind is one of the things that makes her sexy.  She has nice knockers too.

Leah – Carmen, Gisele and Violet!  All of the senior models really.

SM – Carmen, Gisele, Violet, Valentina, Kyra and Countess… that’s a beautiful collection of webcam models.  I’m sure they were all a little nervous their first time doing a p-chat…
Can you describe your first p-chat experience at CamWithHer?

Maiya – I had to watch m-chats so that I could get a basic idea. It wasn’t that bad, but I was nervous because I have NEVER cammed before CamWithHer!Kika

Jessica Klein – Awkward, but the customer wasn’t my average customer.  I think I got a rocky 1st chat.

KT So – I already forgot how my 1st chat went. [laughs]

Gretchen – Heart racing, palms sweating, not sure what to do!   I figured it out real quick though but after a few chats, I had it down!

Claire – I was terrified!  I didn’t know what to do or what to expect, but it’s been a fun time so far. It’s been a little slow, so guys come check ya girl out.

Kika – I’ve been camming for years so it was nothing new for me.

Leah – It was great.  I was a little nervous and still was learning how to use the system.  I couldn’t get the alert sound to turn off!

SM – You’ve all done p-chats now, but…
Have you done Cam-to-Cam yet?

Maiya – No, I haven’t done it and I am not planning on it.

Jessica Klein – Yes.  Only once surprisingly.  I loved it!  You know who you are!

KT So – Yup.  I thought it was going to be scary, but it turned out to be pretty fun.

Gretchen – YES!!  Its a lot of fun to see who is on the other side, to put a face to all the chatting!

Claire – Nope.

Kika – Yes, I do enjoy it for the most part.  Occasionally, you see some weird stuff, but at least it’s funny to laugh about later.

Leah – No comment.

SM – I’ve noticed that in a few of your answers, you ladies like to act coy and some of you said you were sarcastic at times.
Is sarcasm sexy?

Maiya – Yes.   I just like it as long as it isn’t negative.

Jessica Klein – Yes.  Wit is one of my own vices, so I’ll be glad to have a showdown with anyone else.

KT So – Yes and no, as long as it’s not obnoxious.

Gretchen – Yes and no.  Cute sexy sarcasm is fun, but the rude jerk sarcasm… no way.

Claire – It can be, but there’s a line between sarcasm and just being a douche.

Kika – I hope so or I’m fucked!

Leah – No, most of the time I find it passive-aggressive and not really witty.  It is okay for flirting, I guess, but I like it blunt. [laughs]

SM – Ladies, this has been a treat.  Before we finish…
I know you’re new to CamWithHer, but do you have anything you want to say to your new found fans?

Maiya – You guys rock and make CamWithHer the great place that it is!

Jessica Klein – My regulars have been wonderful. They are stimulating to my mind, soul, and well, my body as well. I hope they enjoy that I am a costume fanatic!

KT So – Thanks for all the love!

Gretchen – I just want to thank all the guys that are amazingly sweet and make me love coming on cam almost every night of the week.

Claire – I hope you guys like what you see, come join me and get to know me.

Kika – Yes. I just wanted to thank everyone for being so kind and respectful on this site. It’s been really pleasant so far.

Leah – You guys ROCK!!  Shout out to the Leah-tards!!!

SM – Ladies, thank you for coming out to my house for this little get-together.  It’s almost 3pm.  If you’ll look at your itinerary, you’ll see naked Twister is coming up so you may want to start getting ready and then baby oil wrestling is right after that…

Girlfriend – Jerry…Jerry….JERRY!!!!

SM – [Waking up from my slumber] Huh…. what the…?!  Oh, hey babe.

Girlfriend – You were dreaming again and who the hell is Maiya?!  You better start answering me or your….

All of these beautiful ladies can be seen at CamWithHer and ICGirls. Some can be seen at NudeAdultCams.  KT So also has a website at

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