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My bewbs !


By Jessy Jo / 7 years ago / In: College , Entertainment , Events

Jessy Jo

Jessy Jo

I just cant get this song out of my mind ” my bewbs are ok ” sang by

Lene Alexandra ( the girl who used to sing in “Aqua” ) .

The song is really cute haha ! My boobs, my boobs, my boobs are ok ….no matter what you say my boobs are ok !!!!

Ok, so lets move to more serious stuff, coz Im a serious girl, aint I ? lol

This weekend has been so boring …..I had to visit some friends the other day so I couldnt be online as I planned ! I couldnt say no to them, coz they wouldnt take no for an answer !

So I got to get dressed and go to their barbecue, which was damn boring ! I couldnt see the hour to go home lol

Thanks God it didnt last really long so I was finally able to leave after few hours ! When I got home was already late and I was feeling really sleepy, so I decided to take a day off and lay in bed watching tv.

I fell asleep late in the night thou, after watching some boring movies on TV… boring , boring, all the weekend was boringggg !!!

I broke a damn nail, my God…..They never grow long, they always break like shit ! And they peel ! One of my friends gave me a Nail Tek treatments for peeling and soft nails……I hope it will work and will make my nails better.

Now Im online and its kinda quiet in here….Im gonna watch a movie and wait for some fun ! Hehe !

Or window shop for some shoes at bottomdollarshoes !

I always say that I buy shoes from there, but I always leave it for the next pay check ! Damn, and I never get to buy them !!

This week I also have to do my hair at the salon …my roots are showing , bleah ! My hair stylist recommended me to do my hair each 4-6 weeks ! So its about time ! Usually me and sis were going together to have our hair done, but now she turned brunette again… she can dye her hair at home since it doesnt need bleaching anymore…..Pff, was so funny when we were going together !! Ill get so bored now !

Ok , I go watch “Doubt” with Meryl Streep …..I’ll tell you guys if its any good !!!

Ah, dont forget to visit my forum and vote for The Member of the Month !

Kisssssssssssssssssss ya !

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