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Its been so long….


By Katrina Taylor / 7 years ago / In: Events , General , News

Katrina Taylor

Katrina Taylor

Since I’ve made a blog post! I almost forgot about this thing until a customer reminded me. He was like ”Why don’t you ever post anymore” and I was like ”O yeah, that thing”! So now I’m back from outer space!Let’s see: I am so ready for summer to get here and for the rainy weather to be over. I have no energy when it rains and all I want to do is lay in bed and eat bad snacks, read books, and fall asleep all day long. As you can tell, I do not have a boyfriend and I am purely single and I like it that way. What else, I am so ready to get a new car but with school and everything else on top of it, a new car isn’t really a priority right now but a girl can dream right? I’ve been shopping my but off lately and finding some great deals on bikinis and summer outfits for this year’s season. I’m a total beach girl at heart and can’t wait to hit the sand. Not for sure if I have the perfect beach body but I’m totally comfortable in my own skin which makes any woman sexy. I have girlfriends that have some of the hottest little bodies I have ever seen but they still feel fat and that’s just not attractive at all. A woman complaining about her figure all the damn time! Ugh! I’m a girl that enjoys eating right for the life of my health and I do some slight excersize to keep afloat but I’m not a fan of the gym. I enjoy taking hip hop dance classes and in-line skating courses to maintain my great legs and work my mid section. Feel free to come and check out my new body, anytime on and


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