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Creepin’ up on My Third Month on NNC


By Sica / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Creepin’ up on my 3rd month of being on NNC now, like hot Damn this shit is flying by fast. Yall make it so much fun and enjoyable! I’ve ran into a few problems, but life’s to short to sit there and worry about problems that could be bypassed!

Well let’s see, I think you will all be happy to hear that I’m doing a free chat tomorrow evening at 8:30pm EST (Time changed just for Jerry!), Tuesday, March 31st, IF my computer will allow me, so don’t miss it!!!!!!!!

Also I got this really really really cute/sexy outfit surprise for yall for EASTER!!! hehe, but yall can’t see it till April. 12 (Okay, maybe I’ll wear it the night before a little too….MAYBE)

When I get my paycheck this Wednesday, I hope to buy 2 more sexy outfits for yall to see me in, and then I have to go buy stupid food for my fat ass and I am going to trim and highlight my hair! Yay! I get so sick of my hair being the same all the time.

Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH MY REGULARS for being so loyal to me, now when I get my second pay in a few weeks it’s gonna be BIG which means I will be able to have a nice anniversary dinner with my man that you are all jealous of (dont worry, yall are not missing out on anything, Im “annoying” haha) and maybe I can pay off some off those taxes that I haven’t put aside or if I decide to not do that and be a bad bad procrastinator, I’ll just pay my grandfather back for renewing my tags and save the rest for a NEW COMPUTER.
OMG does someone want to loan me $900 by any chance? PLEASE? Or just get a big big show from me? I’ll work my ass of for you I promise, I have had my eye on this computer for a REALLY long time, but it’s like $1300, but I found it on a refurbished site for $900 but I don’t have the money atm and I really want it

Oh and that whole tag and insurance thing for my car kind of sucks, becuase I am 18 now and I can get all of my stuff switched over from GA plates to NC plates, but oh well… $150 beats the prices out of changing all of that and getting my own auto insurance I’m sure.

Hmm, so I am sorry I haven’t posted pics on teasers lately, the past week or so I just haven’t really been able to be that into work, I been having this really weird nausea problem lately, and although it seems to be getting better as of late, it’s still coming back every now and then and really freaking me out, I’m afraid it might be diabetes, gallbladder, ulcer, or something else. Not quite sure, if it keeps acting up, I’ll have to spare the computer savings and go to the doctor. :/
Also I been dealing with a lot of bullshit in my personal life with S.O. , don’t you hate it when one person says you can’t do something and if you did they’d flip a shit but they do it and they laugh at you and say you’re overreacting when they do it? yeah, LOTS of that going on the past month. So much fun!

I want to say so much more but I’m rambling, so don’t forget free chat tomorrow night, and easter day i am wearing a surprise costume!!!


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  • STeeLeRMaN

    Awww… you mentioned my name in your blog. Now I REALLY have to make sure to be there on time tomorrow! LOL I hope you start feeling better. I’m soooo looking forward to tomorrow now! Muah!