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In Depth: Miss KT So


By Andy / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,




Meet one of CamWithHer’s newest additions – the lovely KT So – in this hilarious in-depth interview. This long legged, food loving, sportscar driving beauty has ambitions to travel to the Moon and get a Rolls Royce with a driver.
The 5’7″ tall Goddess reveals what makes her laugh, makes her heart melt and her fear of getting eaten by Vikings.

Gentlemen, let us introduce you to Miss KT So.


Andy: Hi there KT So – How are you doing today?
KT So: Very good, I’m ready for you, Andy boy.
Andy: Great! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview – Shall we?
KT So: Sure, haha. I’m never awake at this hr – not a morning person.
Andy: Oh I see. When do you usually wake up?
KT So: Ummm, early afternoons, 3pmish.
KT So: 8am… isn’t my friend
Andy: I know that feeling.
KT So: Where in the world are you from?
Andy: Eh, I thought I was the one doing the questions, haha. I’m from Scandinavia.
KT So: I see, Vikings. Please don’t eat me.

The interviewer looks confused and laughs nervously.

Andy: Heh heh. No need to fear me. We’re all domesticated nowdays.
Andy: So… I’m gonna just start this thing. Where are you originally from, Miss KT So?
KT So: The fabulous city of Hong Kong
Andy: Did you lived there long?
KT So: I’ve been in the states since high school.
Andy: Oh, so you speak chinese well I suppose?
KT So: Yeah, I read, speak and write it. Kinda, but my worst subject back home was Chinese for some reason.
Andy: No need for excuses, still impressive. So, I’ve heard you travel alot?
KT So: Yeah, I’ve been all over the States for tour. Also been to Europe, Australia, Japan, China (duh), Thailand and Singapore. I love traveling.
Andy: Wow, another impressive fact about you. On all your travels, what’s been your favourite place so far?
KT So: Tough question… Tahiti for the sunshine and beaches, Japan for the cities, Europe for the history and everywhere else for food!
Andy: Name the place you just HAVE to go to in your lifetime – Your dream location… Obviously somewhere you havent already been, if that’s even possible, haha.
KT So: I like some many. The Moon?
Andy: On Earth, silly.
KT So: I DO want to go to the Moon!
Andy: Make a few millions and that dream might just happen.
KT So: Buy pchats: send KT So to the Moon.

You heard her guys. Support the “Send KT So to the moon” fund by clicking this link, buy a private chat or go VIP:

Send KT So to the Moon!

KT So: Yeah guys, help me fulfill my Moon mission! Ha!
KT So: Honestly, I wouldn’t mind spending a whole year in Europe, country hopping.
Andy: Ok, lets move on to the more physical stuff… we can’t avoid that any longer. You’re pretty tall, am I right?
KT So: I’m tall for asian I suppose. 5’7″
Andy: You’re just 2 inches lower than me – and I’m a Viking, remember?
KT So: *Cries* Please don’t eat me!

Interviewer gets that same confused look again. Did Vikings really eat people?

Andy: Uhm… Pros / Cons about being tall?
KT So: Pros: more modeling gigs, longer looking legs and there is a better view from up here.
Andy: Ooh, haha. I think most of the guys here noticed your long legs… Seems like there’s only pros about being tall.
KT So: There are cons. Guys get intimedated easy by my height, especially when they meet me like at a show, with heels and all. Dresses are always super short on me when they look cute on shorter girls.
Andy: Oh yeah, I can imagine. Short skirts…… Err! So I guess you only date 6″+ guys?
KT So: Hahahaha. Where’s ur mind at, the gutter? 6″?
Andy: Nonono. Sorry, I meant 6′ – six FEET, not inches.
Andy: …
KT So: Sure sure. Haha. No, I date guys who are taller than me.
Andy: Ok, we can’t hide the fact that you look amazing – what does your workout regime consist of?
KT So: Well, I was told to say that I workout daily. But I really, um, don’t do anything…
Andy: I see. You’re on of “them”.
KT So: Yeah… I thank my parents. Daily. Good genes.
Andy: So what do you consider to be the best part of your body, and what part needs the most improvement, if any?
KT So: My ass. But I want to be more toned cause summer is coming. Bikini season, woot. And yes, I want longer eye lashes.
Andy: Hah, you should see mine…

At this point I totally derailed.

Andy: I always get girls telling me “I want those!”
KT So: I always see these guys, GUYS, with super pretty long lashess.
KT So: You!
KT So: YOU!!
KT So: You are one of those!
Andy: Haha yes. *nanana*

I caught myself in again, thankfully…

Andy: Wait. This is about you not me. Deeper kind of question now…. What would you have been if you had never modeled?
KT So: I’d be working at some lab doing biochem research.
Andy: Like curing diseases?
KT So: Yup, exactly that. That’s my major in college. But I’m modeling is for now, while I’m young.
Andy: You haven’t been on CamWithHer so long, but what’s the best thing about CWH so far?
KT So: The girls!
Andy: Elaborate 🙂
KT So: Really, I feel so comfortable here on CamWithHer. There is always drama when there are a bunch of girls together at one place, but on CamWithHer everyone so very supportive and helpful. Even tho I’ve only been here for a month.
Andy: Do you plan on doing any memberchats here on CamWithHer? I know a lot of fans here on CWH wants to get to know you better.
KT So: In april I will be doing my first one.
Andy: You also have a personal website – how is that going?
KT So: Yup, I got my cute lil website, which has just been redesigned a couple of weeks ago.

Check out KT So’s personal website by clicking here:

Visit KT So’s personal website!

Andy: Besides gracing us on CamWithHer with your presence AND having a very successful website – what do you do to pass time?
KT So: I do spokes modeling for trade shows, car shows. Photoshoots.I travel, hang out with my friends, eat (I love trying new things) or play with my 4 dogs, 2 pomaranians, 2 cocker spaniels.
Andy: Totally out of the blue – What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
KT So: Sky diving. Not done a solo jump yet, but I wouldn’t mind doing that.
Andy: Impressive again. I think a lot of your fans know you from the Import Car scene. What’s your relation to cars nowdays – you got one yourself?
KT So: I drive a BMW M3 now, and I still got my blue subby STi. My ultimate ride would probably be a Rolls Royce Phantom, white, with a driver. Hehe.
Andy: Haha @ with a driver.
KT So: Well, if you can afford a Phantom, you better make sure you bring in the driver.
Andy: So true. Ahh I think we could discuss cars forever but we have to move on. You must have guys hitting on you all the time. What does a guy have to do to get your attention, besides being taller than you?
KT So: Haha – 6″

Oh no, I was hoping she had forgot about that.

Andy: I knew that would come back eventually and hit me in the face. Err, no not in the face. Nooooo… This is so wrong!
Andy: Let’s start over: You must have guys hitting on you all the time. What does a guy have to do to get your attention, besides being taller than you?
KT So: Ahahha. I like guys with a sense of humor, and not full of it. I’m wary of savvy guys, like they know exactly what to say and when to say it.

Andy: And what makes KT So laugh?
KT So: Um, silly jokes sometimes. Just be yourself if you are gonna approach me. Cause if its gonna work out, it will. If you try to be someone you are not, it never will work.
Andy: Turn offs/Turn ons?
KT So: You must know food! I’m down with hole-in-the-wall places as long as the food is good. I also like to get spoiled and hit up fancy places.
Andy: They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach… I guess that can be said about you aswell?
KT So: Yup, exactly. I like a large variety of cusines. Growing up in Hong Kong, I’m exposed to everything.
Andy: All good things has to come to an end I’m afraid. We’ll round up this interview by a series of totally random questions:
Andy: Beer or Vodka?
KT So: Vodka
Andy: Pizza or Burger?
KT So: Pizza
Andy: Probably even easier: Car or Motorcycle?
KT So: Both 😛
Andy: Pink or Blue?
KT So: Blue
Andy: And a naughty one:
Andy: Doggy or Missionary?
KT So: Doggy
Andy: Touché! Allright, thats it. We are done. Finito. Thank you so much for doing this interview, Miss KT So. Hopefully you had some laughs, cause I almost fell of my chair a few times during this interview.
KT So: No problem. Thank you.

You can find KT So on cam at, and or check out her personal website by clicking HERE!.

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