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By Lizzy / 8 years ago / In: Events , Free Content , General



i haven’t been on for a few days! my life has been full of working hard and partying even harder. saturday night my hubby’s band had a show. after i got off work me and a friend drove out to see them. well snap, what a crazy night that was. whiskey sours were only $2 all night! i loves me some whiskey! needless to say i got really drunk and debauchery occured. i managed to take some photos of the band before i got too drunk though. i was pretty happy with that. i was feeding the drummer cherries from my drinks. i was flirting with this one girl and we ended up dancing together, even though i was really trying to make out with her. i eneded up dancing really provocatively with the singer of the other band while they were preforming. i was stealing peoples hats and cigarettes. and i think i pissed this one girl off cuz i was messing with her husband. whatevs. really, no harm done. i just need to be the center of attention, its pretty terrible actaully…my friend drove me home. i fell getting out of the car. then i was running up and down my block yelling because i couldn’t find my apartment building. when we got in i passed out on the couch. my friend had to wait for my husband to get home so he could drive him back to his car. my hubby ended up bringing home mcdonalds and i fought with him over the double quarter pounder with cheese. it ended up falling all over the couch but i ate it anyway. i had to work the next day, and yes i was slightly hungover. when i figured out how much money i had, and that i had spend it all, i realize i had gotten seven whiskey sours that night. haha. i had them down before anyone realized how many i had! im a drinker, what can i say…how bout a drunken picture?

today is my day off. i have some errands to run. i went to have my taxes done yesterday. i have to go pick up the papers today to have the hubs sign. i need to go to the post office, get groceries, im doing laundry…well maybe i’ll end up putting certain things off that can be put off. right now, i think im going to exercise and get a shower. watch for me on p-chats today! im not sure what time i’ll be on because of all this other stuff, but i’ll be on at some point today.

heres my schedule for the rest of the week.

thursday- sometime after 7pm est til late
saturday- after 7pm til late
sunday- off and on all day (watch for me on NAC too!)


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