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Lady Brianna and the Girls of Hedsor Hall


By STeeLeRMaN / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,



Brianna, one of CamWithHer’s scintillating webcam models, has hit the small screen in one of MTV’s newest reality series The Girls of Hedsor Hall.  In this reality series, Brianna travels to England where she competes with 11 other misfits who must show the heads of the English finishing school that one of them is more capable of becoming a proper lady.  Each week they face unique challenges and the possibility of expulsion.  To succeed would gain one of these ladies the prize of a $100,000 trust.  Who would gain the honor of being one of Hedsor Hall’s newest ladies?  I had the opportunity to ask Brianna about her experience on the show as we soaked in the atmosphere of one of England’s cozy pubs.

SM: Brianna, thank you so much for coming back to England to do this interview.  You look amazing!  The time you have spent here has made you look as ravishing as ever.

Brianna: Thank you Steelerman.

SM: Let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about the show.  For those that have not seen it, can you explain the premise for us?

Brianna: “The Girls of Hedsor Hall” is a reality show which took 12 of the most ‘slutty’, irresponsible, foul-mouthed, loud and obnoxious girls and shipped them to a school in London to try and transform these girls into ladies.  I was one of the girls.

SM: Brianna, I would NEVER think to ever call you a girl!  You are definitely all woman.  So, how did you find out about the show?  Did you contact them or did they contact you?

Brianna: I found out through my friend.  He sent me an email and said, “You’d be perfect for this show,” and I auditioned for it in New York City and next thing I knew, MTV was flying me out to London.

SM: Sounds like a whirlwind experience!  I didn’t get to see the first episode so you’ll have to forgive me.  You got off the plane and travel to Hedsor Hall.  What was your initial reaction to the setting, the people and the experience in general?

Brianna: I was so excited to be in London.  However, I had no idea how serious the show was going to be.  The girls on the show had PROBLEMS.  Most of them were alcoholics and had horrible tempers and the other girls were just bitches.  I really had to watch every move I did.

SM: It must have been tough making moves in a blue blazer, long blue skirt, red vest, tie, white stockings and a string of pearls.  What did you think of the uniforms and did I forget anything?

Brianna: Eww!  [laughs] Those uniforms smelled bad and were so itchy.  Like I said on the first episode, “No guy is gonna wanna f*ck me in this uniform!”

SM: I guess I never told you about any of my dreams…

Brianna: What?!

SM: Come on Brianna, you know we love our school girl outfits on CamWithHer!!  I can say I didn’t have the same feeling for the other girls.  It looked like everyone got along so well!  Name a few of the girls and how you got along with them.  I’ll start you off with Margie.

Brianna: Margie’s crazy!  However, we ended on a good note before she got kicked off.  She’s really funny, but has a bad, bad temper.  Jenna was my bff (best friend forever) on the show.  She’s the only girl I respect/like and still talk to.

SM: Speaking of bff’s, the head mistresses seemed rather quaint, although Tara Conner was looking pretty hot.  How did you really get along with the school heads?

Brianna: They HATED me at first and I didn’t like them.  They always criticized me and made me feel so bad about myself.  They are okay, I guess.

SM: I’d still do Tara…

Brianna: Oh, stop it!

SM: Alright, I’ll stop.  They had you go through a number of “challenges”.  I saw the pheasant hunt, serving the board and hosting ‘the boys’.  What was the most difficult challenge that you faced?

Brianna: I hated preparing the pheasants.  I had to dissect them and take their guts out.  I almost threw up.

SM: Speaking of food and puking, I was thinking about ordering some food.  I heard you like spotted dick, black pudding and ox tongue.  I’ll flag down a waitress…

Brianna: All the food in London is gross, greasy and I guarantee no one in London eats cow tongue.  They probably did that for TV.  I almost puked when I ate that sh*t.  Just watch, the cuisine gets worse.

SM: What about the food that you made?  I heard that you can make a mean scone.  Do you still remember how?

Brianna: [laughs] I have no idea.  I think sugar…milk…flour?  I made so many that the girls and I were eating them for breakfast the next couple of days.  They were so yummy!!!!

SM: I think I’ll just stick with the pretzels.  Now, I know this bothered you!  The head mistress said you “threw a tantrum” when they asked you to cut your hair.  What was going through your mind when they wanted to cut your hair?

Brianna: F*ck her! [laughs] They wanted me to have Halle Berry’s haircut…come on!  I was pissed.

SM: I’d say you were pissed!  This is the first time that I have ever seen Brianna cry.  Is this the most you have ever cried?

Brianna: I never cry.  I’m a tough girl and not many people know this, but I get into a ton of fights and make others cry.  Being at Hedsor Hall, I have never cried more in my freaking life.

SM: [reaching over to give Brianna a hug] Oh sweetie, come here.

Brianna: Don’t even think about touching me pervert!

SM: I’m backing away…no swinging!  When they revealed to everyone that you were a webcam model, how did you feel and who did you want to give the finger?

Brianna: I revealed I was a webcam model numerous times. [laughs] I’m proud of that, however, I was looked down upon by everyone while being there.  I just don’t care anymore.  I webcam for a reason.  I’m good at it and I love doing it! [laughs]

SM: Being a webcam model must have helped you with MTV’s cameras.  How much did the cameras affect you during the series?

Brianna: They were soooooooooooo annoying! [laughs] I yelled at them sometimes.  It was weird and awkward at first and then you got used to it.

SM: One thing I’m sure you didn’t get used to were the eliminations.  How nervous were you during them?

Brianna: I fainted during one of the eliminations.  Being on reality TV screws with your head BIG TIME.  At first, it’s fun and then it’s life or death.

SM: Are you sure you didn’t faint because you were horny?  How horny were you?

Brianna: You have no idea…

SM: Oh, yes I do!  Anyway, you came here to reform yourself into a “lady”.  What are some of the things that stick with you from your training?

Brianna: Honestly, nothing.  [laughs] I did learn a lot from the show and it felt very refreshing and almost therapeutic to be there.  However, when reality sinks in and you’re back to your life, you still do the same bullsh*t.

SM: I’m glad the experience didn’t change you, but $100,000 is a lot of cash.  Who else deserved to win the competition or was it just you?

Brianna: Just me.  [laughs] No one else.  I was the only one there who didn’t rely on mommy and daddy.

SM: I’m sure everyone, including your mommy and daddy, want to know the answer to this next question.  Who won?  Can you give us any hints?

Brianna: My lips are sealed!!!

SM: I won’t push it.  I know you made agreements with MTV.  It’s all over.  There’s no more itchy uniforms, gutting pheasants or eating spotted dicks.  What can you say about the whole experience and would you do it again?

Brianna: It was a life changing and eye opening experience, but I’d never, ever do it again.  [laughs] I want my own reality show.

SM: How about a show with me and you locked up in your apartment for a week and we take turns….hey, where are you going?

The Girls of Hedsor Hall airs on Saturdays at 12pm EST on MTV or you can catch full episodes on the web by clicking here. Brianna regularly can be seen on CamWithHer, NudeAdultCams, NonNudeCams, and ICGirls.

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