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By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Oh boop 🙁
So many tests coming up and Ive been a good girl studying weeks in advance! And I am glad I did because studying the day before is a no-no!! So yeah I’ve been studying non-stop and I am soo glad I did cause repetition is key!! And the more time and days I have to remember something – the better!!! Gosh my brain needs more storage space!! Ugh I just hate it when I memorize something then the teacher is like “Oops the handout I gave you was wrong, it is actually lateral not medial” Or some switcheroo and I’m like !!!!! Cause I got to un-memorize it and re-memorize something else. I know those arent words ;p but yeah it pisses me off! Cause when the test rolls around Im like “Ohh shiet..I know she switched it, but switch it to what?!!!” And yeah she has been doing that quite a few times. =/ Very sucky.

So yeah I havent been active on the forums because of all the studying. I will post to break up the monotony of studying but I do not want to get distracted for too long yakno.

K enough about my school woes ;p Hmm. Oh you know what boop means? I coined the term back in the day when I ate gross shiet and barfed and pooped at the same time. Barf + poop = Boop. Eww yes very ewwww! One time I had the boops real REAL bad and while I was #2-ing I stuck my head between my legs and barfed. It was synchronized voiding of bodily wastes. So yeah that is what booping is! Pretty neat, you had to be there, you had to be there, you had to be there, you had to BE there! 😀 No? Ok eww =/ Sorry I shared that info. =p I hope none of you guys ever experience that. If you do, I know youll be thinking about me 😉

Ramble to you guys later!! @(^_^)@

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