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Hello hello!


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



How’s it going?  I’m doing ok.  Lots of stress as of late.  Everyone who talks to me already knows that my friend got mauled in the arm by my sister’s beastly dog last weekend…the dog who chewed up all my shit. Yeah, him.  He’s in 10 day observation right now…then going to a pet rescue, or shelter or something because apparently no one wants to put him down despite bi-polarly attacking someone thus resulting in 8 stitches, all for no reason at all!

What else?  We had finals again this week…I had forgotten all about the final test that was coming up because I was busy trying to get my house into show condition because I get non stop calls all day starting at 9 a.m. to come see the house since I’m moving mid April.  So rude!  I don’t wake up at 9 a.m.!  What’s more irritating is that they call ME of all people, I have school at the times the expect to come see the place, and my sister doesn’t bother to help out so…although she only has work and nothing else to keep her from doing anything, she does nothing.  I had to do everything myself including preparing the house to show and making everything spotless, finding places to move and going to look at them and get that stuff all started, I had tons of errands to run…stuff to do with my car and tons of bills to get in order and stuff to mail out this past weekend, and she just doesn’t do anything.  She could at least deal with the realtor calls to come see the house.  But Noooo!

So yeah, super stressed lately.  I’m excited to hurry up and move, and be done with that AT LEAST.   Anyway, finals.  I’m the only person in my class who passed.  I got a 96%…I had forgotten about it too like I said earlier…and so did the rest of my class.  They ALL failed it and had to do re-takes.  I can understand getting a lower score…but failure?!  I mean come on…I don’t see how I can pass with almost 100% without studying or even remembering there was a final…and no one else even passes it…then retakes it and passes with the minimum score of like, 80% lol.  I don’t know.

With all that going on…still waiting to find out where I’m going to move…how I’m going to go about it and get everything in order bill and money wise etc.  While still spending my free time showing the goddamn house I live in now to all sorts of people, and going to school, and trying to find time to fit in pchats which is duh…hard…because daytimes are when they all wanna come here and night times I’m at school so they try to come then and I tell them no because I’m busy and that time doesn’t work for me.  Plus I was helping my friend with her dr. appts and stuff from the dog mauling because I felt partially responsible since it was at my house & my sister’s dog, y’know?

Oh yeah the point of that last paragraph was to say that the hair show is coming up and I’m pretty excited even though it’s at a horrible time because the point of going is to really see a buncha cool shit, take classes for hair and cosmetology things and buy stuff you want/need that’s awesome…basically everyone’s going to be going to spend money except me because I don’t have any. 🙁  Sadddddd.  Ok well, I guess that’s about it lol.  Ttyl! 🙂

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  • Maango

    Congrats on passing your test Jenn and have fun at the hair show even if you can’t buy anything. :\

  • joey

    Sorry to hear about your friend, congrats on passing your exam and good luck moving foward. You’re still the hottest